250W Metal Halide HQI Parabolic Reflector with Lens
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Item #: LT-TAM-MH-REF-HQI250
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* Advanced parabolic reflector design, shaped out of the highest quality polished aluminum mirror material.
* Designed for 1 250W Metal Halide HQI lamp.
* Mirror finish for up to 99% reflectivity.
* Fully assembled sockets with bracket (250W version).
* High quality, spring loaded contact inside the HQI socket to insure the lamp makes a more true contact.
* UV glass shield included.
* Dimensions: 11"L x 6"W x 3"H


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by purge
on 10/21/2011
mh reflector
This is about as honest of a review as i can give. As stated, the metal corrosion protecting film could pose a problem if your not aware of it, but there is a sticker on the box indicating it is there. For the price this is a good buy and a very economical way to go with mhs...I have three(250w) of them hanging over my 125g long(6 ft) and it spreads out the light perfectly, with no dead spots. I did have one problem tho while inserting the first bulb, which I wound up breaking the bulb. The contacts inside that hold the bulbs are too tight, I spread them apart slightly by inserting a flat head screw driver then I put some gasket silicone lube on the ends of the bulbs and they slid in with no problem. Do this with the socket screws lose and then re-tighten them after the bulbs are in but not too tight, just snug to prevent the bulb from possibly breaking. If it wasn't for these reflectors, I would have had a hard time justifying the expense of switching from 150s to 250s
by Edric
on 10/13/2010
Protective film not removed during construction
My reflector came with protective film still applied to all parts, including the ones that should have it removed before folding and riveting. It is OK to unscrew the bulb mount to strip the plastic film off, but the film sandwiched and out of reach melts away releasing fumes...
by Shamro
on 12/6/2009
Excellent Buy
For the money, you can't buy anything that compares to this reflector. I have 4 250 watt mh lights above my 210 gallon tank. The reflectors do a great job in reflecting the light across the seven foot length of my tank. I would have no hesitation in recommending this reflector no matter what your lighting need are.
by Rocco
on 3/3/2009
Great retro for you HQIs....
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