Hamilton 250W Metal Halide Bulb, Mogul Base
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14,000K Lamp features Bright ice white blue appearance, full spectrum consisting primarily of high spikes in the 440-460 nanometer range with additional smaller spikes in 550, 590 and 690 nm range.
Will bring out an attractive fluoresence from your fish and corals. Get desired actinic blue color effects without the need to add actinic blue fluorescents to your metal halide. Outstanding color!


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by redadeath
on 6/12/2011
i never excepted that those bulbs are the best also this site is promoting the best price for those bulbs ,,,very good customer service i am really satisfied with those bulbs better than other brands i used
by Tommy
on 10/17/2010
Excellent Bulb
I have used both the Hamilton 10K bulbs and Hamilton 14K bulbs - both are excellent for reef tanks. Their 10K bulb is a very bright, ice white color. Great for growth. I used it with 2-110 watt VHOs and it worked awesome. I had used the Hamilton 14K bulbs in a pendant only system which had no option for additional actinics. It works great just by itself. Not too blue and not too white - a nice mix of blue and white color. Gives the inhabitants a nice color. Really brings out the color in my frogspawn nicely.
by dapettit
on 4/7/2009
Great color!
I had a DE 14K Hamilton over our 29 and really liked the ice blue color. I used another brand in our 150 reef tank and was not satisfied with the coloring. I purchased these and what a difference. The color is gorgeous and I am seeing dramatic coral growth.
by reefchif
on 1/11/2009
Great color
I would recommend this lamp. It is the BEST 14K on the market. Really has a nice color to it. Nice ice blue look it gives my tank.
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