AQUATECH 8800 RO Booster pump Assembly
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AQUATECH 8800 RO Booster pump Assembly.



* AquaTech 8800 booster pump
* transformer
* pressure switch.

Demand activated (When pressure decreases).

For low pressure situations. Every reverse osmosis system requires a minimum of 35 psi to operate.

Aquatec ® CDP-8800 Booster Pump For RO Systems Over 50 GPM - CDP-8800 Series High Flow). The CDP-8800 Series pumps are also compatible with most hydraulic shut-off valves with the optional PSW shut off tank controller switch.
Distinguishing Features & Operating Benefits: Outstanding toughness, durability. Designed for 30,000+ operating hours.
Adjustable pressure boost between 40-120 PSI. Outlet pressures up to 160 PSI. EMI/RFI electronic noise suppression. Extremely quiet operation, less than 45 DBA. Expels trapped air, eliminates air locks. Runs dry without damage.
Pumphead can be mounted up or down. Self-priming, 60 inch lift. Improved venting system removes moisture. Low voltage (12-24V) for maximum safety. Corrosion resistant exterior.

Technical Specifications:

POWER: The CDP-8800 Series pumps operate safely with low energy (24 watts), low voltage (12-24V) motors. They can be used with compatible transformers offered in the most popular worldwide voltages (120 VAC, 230 VAC). 3/8" In / Out JG Fittings.

Now all our Aquatec booster pumps come with a pressure switch, nothing extra to order!


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by Jay
on 10/19/2011
Great Pump
Fairly quiet and works great! I am on well water and my pressure is about 30psi. The pump increased the pressure to about 120psi. It was extremely easy to hook up and works like a charm. When I had questions in the past, I have found Aqua Cave's staff extremely helpful.
by RLB1130
on 9/26/2011
Great pump
Works great but directions are horrible. Took forever to find instructions to use setup with pressure tank and ASV. Best advice replace existing auto shut off with a solenoid. Getting the ASV in tune with the pressure switch is no easy chore. By placing pressure switch near tank (after ASV)I have inlet pressure to membrane of 80 psi and tank pressure of 60 psi with the stock pump/pressure switch settings. Had to get a solenoid as I couldnt get the ASV to work with the pressure switch and pump would not shut off. If you place switch immediately after the pump you will only get 60 psi max pressure into the membrane..
by Deeber
on 11/9/2010
Works great
The product works great but there are a few problems. First no manual, this pump is not hard to figure out but if you need to lower the pump pressure it would be nice to have a manual to tell you how to do this (1/16" Allen wrench needed to turn the screw on top of unit)
by Jungle John
on 3/11/2009
Booster pump GREATLY enhances RO performance
RO machines run like a snail until a booster pump is employed. Aquatec makes the best in the business. My system produces water with lower TDSs at a rate more than twice as fast as prior to plumbing the Aquatec pump. Highly recommended for all RO users. Remember that 99.9% of all marine life agree: Nothing but RO water for me, please!
by sally
on 9/26/2008
The best pump I ever had for my reverse osmosis system.
I have used your equipment for the last 4 years with great pleasure and confidence.
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