Alita AL40 Linear Air Pump

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Item #: AE-AL-40
Our Price: $159.95
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Designed to deliver high volume of steady air flow at low-pressure ranges, ALITA Linear Air Pumps are of high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform with extremely low operating noise level.
With no sliding parts and oil-less components, the air pump requires no lubrication and provides the cleanest air available.
These pumps have Solid Construction for Indoor / Outdoor Operations.
Ultra Quiet with Low Pulsation.
3 years Manufacturer's Warranty.

AL-40 Specification:
Voltage: (V) AC 115 (AC 110/115/120 or AC 220/230/240)
Frequency: (Hz) 50 / 60
Rated Pressure: 0.15 bar / 2.18 psi
Rated Performance: 48 lpm / 1.7 cfm
Rated Input Power: 46W
Sound Level: 36 dB
Discharge O.D. (mm, in) 18, 11/16
Weight: 5.6 kg. / 12.5 lbs.


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by RW
on 9/14/2010
AL 40 AIr pump
I have been using an Alita AL-15 running 18 large sponge filters with no problem in tanks up to 30 gallons, but it would not operate the additional tanks I was adding. I added 20 more tanks and needed more air. The Alita AL-40 was a great price with free shipping and I am very happy. I have plenty of air to each air stone connected to the sponge filters. I think I could run another 10 outlets. The surplus air is being vented. Connecting the pump outlet to my manifold system was a small challenge but it is working fine.
by Kevin
on 3/28/2010
Well worth the money
My AL-40 has been in continuous service since June 2006 and has been operating flawlessly. This pump generates a LOT of air: mine is currently running 14 standard (low back pressure) airstones at "full blast" in 3 large freshwater aquariums (50, 75 and 125 gal) and I have plenty of air to spare, I estimate it could easily run 20 - 24 airstones. To minimize back pressure I suggest using 1 inch OD, 3/4 inch ID vinyl tubing for the main run to the aquariums, then connect one or more distribution manifold(s) (AquaCave item number AE-GV-SS) to convert to standard aquarium airline tubing. Even though the pump outlet is a bit smaller than 3/4 inch (I think its 11/16 inch) a standard automotive hose clamp provides an airtight connection to 3/4 ID tubing. My only complaint is that replacement air filters are hard to find, but I clean mine every few months with ordinary soap and water, dry it with paper towels and its good to go. Bottom line: pricey but worth it.
by Fred
on 3/25/2010
Alita AL40 Linear Air Pump
This pump is awesome! I am running 18 airstones and it can run another 20+. I cannot believe how quiet it is. I can just barely hear it if I try hard. I will be getting another unit soon. You will be very pleased with it.
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