Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor 1000 up to 250 gal.
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Nitrate Reductor 1000 up to 250 gal. by AquaMedic.


Nitrates are the end result of the biological filtration in your aquarium system and certainly the biggest reason you find yourself tangled in hoses and wrestling with buckets.
Aqua Medic offers some relief, with a complete line of Nitratereductors, including 3 models designed to cover aquaria from 30 to 800 gallons.
The all natural process works for both fresh and saltwater systems to reduce or eliminate nitrates.
You will enjoy fewer water changes, less algae to scrub, fewer problem-algae blooms and better animal health.
Just the reduced water change schedule alone will improve your system stability, lower the costs of maintenance and allow you more time to enjoy it!

The Nitratereductors utilize a sealed chamber through which water is pumped very slowly, creating a low oxygen environment. In these anoxic conditions, naturally occurring bacteria breakdown nitrate (NO3), to use the oxygen it contains, entirely removing it from the system.
The Deniballs filter media is a carbon “food” source for these bacteria and they should be replaced annually.

NR-1000 Specifications:

- Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 22"
Recommended for systems up to 250 gallons


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by sps reefer
on 9/16/2011
Good product but has set backs
Product is well constructed but the major problem is you have to buy the $140 Aqua Medic ORP probe to use a probe on it which sucks.I bought a Pinpiont ORP monitor and then have to buy a completely different probe that added up to a total of $700 not happy with the extra expense since Aqua Medic doesn't actually have an ORP monitor that would come with the probe you need instead of buying a monitor and an additional high dollar probe.So if money isn't important to you its worth the money if you are in need of it.
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