Aqua Medic Ocean LightT5 Light Fixture with LEDMoonlights, 48" 6 x 54W
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Item #: LT-AM-OL/T5-48-6
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Aqua Medic Ocean Light T5 Light Fixture with LED Moonlights, 48" 6 x 54W.

A hands down favorite among European aquarists, the T-5 bulb format is the latest in fluorescent technology.
The Oceanlight T5’s internal electronic ballasts provide cool and reliable service while simplifying installation. A variety of sizes ensure that you’ll find the ideal luminary for your moderate-light reef tanks, fish-only systems, terrariums, or freshwater live-plant aquaria.

Oceanlight T5 systems come complete with a hanging kit and mounting brackets.


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by OG4
on 6/7/2011
Good with a minus sign
Nice pretty looking lamp with convenient three modalities. I installed it with 3 blue superactinic and 3 white actinic 48 inches bulbs. Once on the top of the aquarium it really looks nice. However, getting to that point was a little painful. First, the spaces to fit the bulbs were larger than required to accommodate them. It took me a while to realize that it was a factory glitch (I really trusted the brand and refused to believe that such expensive lamp could possible come with a defect so elemental bypassing all –if any- quality control checks). The instructions (very basic) did not mention anything related to adjusting or rearranging any part. Instead of returning the lamp (now pissed off for such overlooking) and unmotivated for waiting another 2 weeks for delivery, I decided to fix it by simply driving out a couple of screws and rearranging the piece closer to the fans. It worked out. To my surprise this lamp with 6 bulbs has a power cord for 4 bulbs and another in separate for the other two (instead of 3 and 3), so my purchase of 3 actinic and 3 superactinic was plainly wrong. I wonder why the factory does not explain those details in their advertisement and just take the chance to piss people off. It is a real pity, considering that the final product is actually very cute. Last, if you are considering this lamp think twice if you want to sit it on the top of the aquarium. The legs (included with the lamp) are NOT very safe if your tank has that black plastic edge on the top of it. They do not fit there in a safe way, they are meant for tanks without that attachment. You can hang it from above (device also included) and actually looks better. Once installed and you synchronize the three modalities with timers (not included) you will enjoy a nice pretty looking aquarium. Recommended yes (if you willing and able to deal with some minor adjustments).
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