Aqua Ultraviolet 15 Watt Advantage 2000+ In-Line UV Sterilizer
  • 15 Watt Advantage 2000+ In-Line UV Sterilizer by Aqua Ultraviolet
  • 15 Watt Advantage 2000+ In-Line UV Sterilizer by Aqua Ultraviolet
  • 15 Watt Advantage 2000+ In-Line UV Sterilizer by Aqua Ultraviolet

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Item #: UV-AQ-AD-15
Our Price: $121.80
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15 Watt Advantage 2000+ In-Line UV Sterilizer by Aqua Ultraviolet.


The Advantage 2000+ UV sterilizer is designed to maintain high intensity performance in a smaller lightweight housing. Ultraviolet is a proven dependable and effective method of controlling algae and harmful bacteria without leaving any residuals in the water.
Aqua Ultraviolet utilizes the highest quality components designed to work perfectly together maximizing kill rates and insuring ease of installation and maintenance.

The Advantage 2000+ Sterilizer is the premium choice for water sterilization or clarification for 200-500 gallon ponds. When used as a sterilizer it will control the amount of harmful bacteria in your pond creating a healthier environment for your ponds ecosystem.
When using this unit as a clarifier it will clear ponds up to 2000 Gallons size with 50% to 75% plant coverage.


- Clear Quartz Cap Lets You See The Glow That Tells You Your Lamp Is On
- Lamp Is Positioned In The Housing For Maximum UV Effectiveness
- Slender Housing Design Allows For Higher UV Dosage
- The Unit Is Designed For Maximum Flow Rates
- Easy To Remove Remote Power Supply
- Designed For Indoor or Out Door Use

15W Model Specifications:

- Dimensions: 13" X 4" X 2.5"
- Designed for In-Line Use
- Sterilizer Maximum Flow Rate: 700 GPH
- Clarifier Maximum Flow Rate: 1800 GPH
- Fresh water application: 200-500
- Salt water application: 75
- Number of Lamps: 1
- Inlet / Outlet: 3/4" Barb



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by RKay
on 10/17/2011
design = good, works great, a best buy!
for the $/watt of UV you cant beat the deal on this unit. it works great, either as a sterilizer or clarifier (pump less gph through this for sterilization). I got the in-line unit mainly because I didn't like the "looks" of the output on the hang-on unit; and also because I wanted to keep my spray bar. the in-line unit has the ports on opposite ends, which is a little weird because it makes it odd to continuously plumb. other than this slight oddity, the unit works fabulously. but one of these and no more problems such as ick. clarity on a smaller tank is dramatic over a few hour to one day. bulbs should be good for 6+ mos continuous use, and are not comparatively expensive to replace.
on 1/2/2011
Wow!! It cured my blue tang and I started seeing results in 24 hours.
To all the naysayers out there who say a UV is optional, they probably never used one. My 100 gallon tank had perfect water when I tested it but there seemed to be parasites causing white ich on my longnose butterfly and blue tang. Unfortunately, I did not get this UV before my longnose butterfly, two clowns, and a royal gramma perished within a week of buying them. My blue tang was on the decline and getting more ich covered each day in the 3 days I had him UNTIL I installed the UV sterilizer then in a sudden turnaround, he got better each day with fewer white ich on him and after 4 days of UV so far, hes almost fully recovered. Its like magic...I will never again run a saltwater tank without a UV sterilizer. As a bonus, it clarified my water. If you see your fish scratching himself on the rock or substrate, get this!! I have a 350 gallons per hour canister that filters the water clean before pushing the water into this UV sterilizer.
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