AquaC Remora Pro Protein Skimmer With Mag-Drive 3 Pump
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AquaC Remora Pro Protein Skimmer With Mag-Drive 3 Pump.


These innovative hang-on-tank skimmers install in seconds and make high performance foam fractionation available to those with sumpless systems.
Unlike traditional H.O.T. models, the Remora is a non-venturi skimmer that benefits from the powerful and patented Spray Injection System. If you are searching for the most compact, efficient, and powerful hang-on-tank skimmer on the market, look no further.
AquaC has finished development of the Remora - the most radical design in skimming to date! Using the same patent pending spray-induction system as their acclaimed in-sump skimmers, AquaC`s Remora is simply the best hang-on available today. The Remora is rated up to 75 gallons and requires a scant 2.75" clearance from the back of the tank. That is slim! You`ll appreciate its low profile, only 6" of vertical clearance is required.
Standard equipment include a Maxi-Jet 1200 water pump, adjustable collection cup, and a special baffle system which prevents any bubbles from entering the aquarium.

The AquaC Remora Series is the first hang-on protein skimmer under $250 to be able to generate a dry consistency of foam that previously only an in-sump "super-skimmer" is capable of. This is especially true of the AquaC Remora Pro.


- Tank Size (Gallons): 40 to 120
- Included Pump: Mag-Drive3 (with flowrate of 350 gph)
- Skimmer Height: 21.5"
- Minimum Tank Height: 12.75"
- Minimum Overhead Clearance for Proper Function: 6.75"
- Depth: 3.25"
- Width: 7.5"


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