AquaScape Construction Epoxy 4oz, Mauve
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A unique new product from Europe which allows you to glue your live rock and coral fragments into place within your aquarium that cures to the color (mauve) of coralline algae making it blend in almost immediately.

This extremely versatile 2 part underwater epoxy will set and adhere to wet aquarium rocks, live sps corals, clam shells and dead coral branches. It will stick to glass, plastic, rock, metal, rubber pond liners and can be sculptured and set in the same form in which it is molded.

When used properly it is totally inert and can be used safely in conjunction with corals or fish within the aquarium.Also available in slate gray for marine or freshwater aquariums and ponds.


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by aussie_chicago
on 5/21/2011
Not bad
Was surprised to find 2 separate sticks in 1 box, but once you get the hang of it, it bonds together well. They suggest heating the product in a microwave, I would also highly recommend it also. I put it in for about 10sec to warm it up, much more pliable and easier to mix the 2 parts together. So far everything has stuck, seems to work better than a lot of other epoxy putty.
by firemedic
on 4/19/2011
Works as advertised
Great stuff, works as advertised. Corals don't seemed bothered by it. Tip, read instructions on how to use microwave to accelerate curing. Works much better!!
by MykolG
on 4/8/2011
Its the best you can get
What can I say. It works as advertised. It does exactly what it says it will. Great stuff.
by rherrick
on 7/29/2009
this product is excellent
I used this to secure my coral frags and they stayed put without any difficultly.
by Calvin T
on 2/22/2009
Works Great
good epoxy, I have used the other brand name (cant remember) but it didn't stick to live rocks. This one does. Don't use too much because you don't need that much of it once its set. Holds very well.
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