AquaTech Premium GFO, 14 oz./396 gr.
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AquaTech Premium GFO, 14 oz./396 gr.


Phosphates and silicates are common problem nutrients and the primary cause of algae in all aquaria and ponds. Phosphate is especially problematic for reef aquaria when it stresses and inhibits coral growth. Phosphate Removing GFO media is an efficient and long accepted industry method of binding and exporting and permanently removing excess phosphate, silicate, and other organics, returning water to its natural levels (less than 0.03 ppm). Phosphate Removing GFO by Aqua-Tech Co. has an extremely high surface area, maximizing absorption where it matters most.

Phosphate Removing GFO has extremely high surface area and is sold dry, boosting it's capacity and increasing its efficacy over other brands of similar media. With an iron oxide hydroxide base, high porosity and a small grain size Phosphate Removing GFO by Aqua-Tech Co. offers a material ideal for use in reactors. Its Ultra high capacity will ensure a long service life of months saving aquarists money and time. When used in combination with Clearly CARBON, Phosphate Removing GFO offers the greatest ability to remove excess organic materials and waste from aquariums and ponds without leaching. Non-Toxic to all aquariums and ponds.


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