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Ozone Generators
- Ozone Generators by AquaMedic : Aqua Medic now offers Ozone generators, showcasing the latest in low voltage technology for safety and reliability.
The injection of ozone into the water can improve the efficiency of protein skimming and raises the ORP (Redox potential). The decomposition of toxic nitrite is enhanced in the presence of ozone and it also has an antiseptic effect which significantly reduces bacteria counts and minimizes the risk of ill health among your animals.
- Gen-X Ozone Generator : Gen-X Ozone processor. Corona discharge, variable adjustment output up to 250 mg per hour. High quality components.

- Red Sea Ozone Generators :

Red Sea AquaZone 50 mg/hr ozonizer

Red Sea AquaZone 100 mg/hr ozonizer

Red Sea AquaZone 200 mg/hr ozonizer

- Red Sea Deluxe Ozone Generators : Applying ozone to your tank raises the ORP, increasing oxygen levels and decreasing dissolved wastes; ozone also effectively kills numerous harmful pathogens.
AquaZone ozonizers corona discharge technology provides higher ozone concentration than UV bulb style ozonizers and allows variable ozone output. Just dial in the amount of ozone that your tank needs!
* Automatically controls the flow of ozone according to a pre-set ORP
* Easy to read backlit digital display
* Easy adjustment of ozone output and desired ORP
* Continuous display of current ORP
* Safe and easy to use.
* Includes 250cc Air Drier
1-year manufacturers warranty from date of purchase.

Red Sea AquaZone Deluxe 50 mg/hr ozonizer

Red Sea AquaZone Deluxe 100 mg/hr ozonizer

Red Sea AquaZone Deluxe 200 mg/hr ozonizer

Ultralife Ultrazone Mini 200 mg Bulb-style Ozone Generator

Ultralife Ultrazone 360 360 mg bulb-style Ozone Generator: Ozone is by far the best way to boost your water quality. The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators clean up aquarium water by removing unwanted organic decay, proteins and pollutants. By eliminating harmful organics, ozone increases the longevity of all marine life.
The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators manufacture ozone by passing oxygen molecules over a specially designed light source.
The active oxygen creates superior water quality providing aquarium inhabitants with a clean environment for living and reproducing. Both the Ultrazone Mini and Ultrazone 360 are praised by hobbyists and profesionals for their safety, performance and low maintenance.
These generators do not require air dryer as is the case with other ozone generators.

The ozone bulb and bulb chamber have been designed for easy user replacement. The ozone bulb for Ultrazone Mini will supply over 9000 hours of uninterrupted service.

The Ultrazone 360 has an internal air switching circuit that allows for an extended bulb life of approximately 18000 hours. The 360 also features a high / low switch for maximum efficiency.

* Ultrazone Mini can be used with an aquarium up to 125 gal.
* Ultrazone 360 model can be used with an aquarium up to 600 gal.

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