Aquarium Systems Natural Wave Multi-Cycle Pump Timer
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Aquarium Systems Natural Wave Multi-Cycle Pump Timer.

In aquariums with live rock and corals, stagnant areas (dead spots) and piles of toxic waste products can accumulate--seriously affecting the health of your animals. The Natural Wave pump timer creates alternating water currents in your aquarium when connected to pumps or powerheads.
These alternating water currents reduce dead spots and can keep detritus (waste) in suspension, allowing it to be more easily captured by filters. Circulation provided by the Natural Wave pump timer also stimulates live corals by periodically flushing waste products away. In addition, the surging currents created by use of the Natural Wave pump timer mimic actual wave patterns in the ocean and provide a more realistic environment for your corals. The Natural Wave is a multi-cycle pump timer with six outlets.
Two of the six circuits that have timing patterns alternate on/off with adjustable periods of 20 seconds to three minutes. The third circuit has a double cycle of 40 seconds to six minutes. Connect the pumps of your choice and design the best wave patterns for your aquarium. These circuits provide the optimum flexibility for you to create random circulation patterns. An illuminated indicator lets you know the cycling times.
The remaining three outlets are standard power outlets and can be used for accessories such as filters, lights, or heaters.


* Creates alternating wave currents
* Multi-cycle pump timer with six outlets (three adjustable cycle and three standard)
* When connected to your pumps and powerheads, Natural Wave provides the optimum flexibility for creating random circulation patterns


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