Aquatic Life 72" 12-Lamp 12 x 39W T5 HO Light Fixture
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Aquatic Life 72" 12-Lamp 12 x 39W T5 HO Light Fixture.

Produce more light in a compact housing with these new six-lamp High Output light fixtures.

These AquaticLife™ T5 HO fixtures offer 420/460 nm, 700+ nm and Lunar light in one streamlined unit.

* Timer controls T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LED's independently
* Built-in Fans keep fixtures cool and direct heat away from the aquarium
* Adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts support fixture above the aquarium
* German-made individual reflectors maximize light by directing it into the aquarium
* Suspension Ports allow connection to optional cables for various mounting configurations


* T5 High Output Light Fixture
* T5 High Output Lamps (Qty. 12)
* Aquarium Frame Mounts (Qty. 4)
* Hardware to connect multiple Fixtures together
* Installation & Maintenance Guide on disc


* Dimensions without Frame Mounts: (L x W x H): 72.1in. x 13.9in x 3.6in
* Power Cord: 2 meters
* Rated Voltage: 120 Volt AC
* Rated Cycle: 60Hz

Included Bulbs:

X2 10000K white

X2 460/620 purple

X8 420/420 blue
* (6) 1W Lunar LED's


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on 1/14/2012
Great light fixture
Great light.. The timer is amazing.. Just set and walk away..
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