Bak-Pak 2 Reef Ready Hang-On Protein Skimmer by CPR Aquatics
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Bak-Pak 2 Reef Ready Hang-On Protein Skimmer by CPR Aquatics.


CPR is proud to introduce the hang-on skimmer that all reefkeepers have been waiting for, the Cyclone BAK-PAK™ 2R+.
This new skimmer is designed for use on reef tanks where biological filtration is not necessary, but still incorporates all of the other features that have made the BAK-PAK™ line of skimmers so popular.

New "Tri Chamber" design of the BAK-PAK™ 2R+ takes the place of the biological section, and when combined with a new and improved outlet design, provides an effective way to reduce bubbles caused by system imbalances.

* Incorporates CPR's proven high performance rejuvenation protein skimmer. * No need to purchase an overflow or return pump, the BAK-PAK™ 2R+ simply hangs on the back of your tank.
* Use on tanks utilizing the Berlin or Jaubert Method, where supplemental biological filtration is not desired.
* Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to clean.
* For tanks up to 60 gallons. For larger tanks use an additional BAK-PAK™.

Bak-Pak 2R Specifications:

Body Size: 7.5" wide, 3" deep, 17" height


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by Smitty
on 12/2/2011
Awesome Purchase
Awesome skimmer! I had to go to CPRs website to get some advice, but they have youtube videos for everything! The break in period was only about 48 hours and then all microbubbles were gone. It started skimming almost within 24 hours as well. Now that it has been running for about 2 weeks, the skimmate is looking really nasty lol. Awesome skimmer once tuned in correctly for your personal preference.
by Tommy
on 8/5/2010
Simple to use, very effective
A very good skimmer IMO. Very easy to use - just plug and play basically. It does a good job of collecting gunk out of the tank. This was the original hang on the back skimmer also. A good buy.
by jdog54
on 1/5/2009
Good for the price
This is my first skimmer and it is plug and play. It does put a lot of micro bubbles back into the tank so get the bubble trap when you get this. Also, noise is higher than I wanted. I expected a quite whisper. Even with the muffler it is louder than a standard air pump. Hopefully it will quite down once I get the sump running and move it there.
by Kay
on 8/6/2008
Bak Pak 2 Reef Ready Protien Skimmer
I love this protein skimmer - so easy to assemble and just hang on the tank - easy to empty and clean - would recommend it to everyone.
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