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The BlueLine Pump Protector is designed to shut down the main pump if the water level falls below the desired height. It will automatically restart the pump when the water level rises above the set point.


- Prevents main pump burnout from running dry.
- Shuts down pump when water level is too low.
- Circuitry designed to UL specifications.


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by just another reefer
on 12/28/2013
Works great!
This thing works great just got it setup it was very easy to adjust to what level you wanted it to shut off the pump! This is really going to come in handy if my protein skimmer overflows again and my chiller feed pump is in the same chamber as my main system feed pump so i have it ajusted to shut off before the water level reaches both pump intakes. EXCELLENT AND WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!
on 3/30/2011
Works Great
This device works great, when first setting it up it would not turn my pump on so I had to blow some air in it and put it in my sump really quick, not sure why. I did a water change this week and decided to keep the pump running to ensure the system worked, the pump went off just in time and when I added water back to the system the pump turned back on, kind of cool. As a FYI you can not plug this system into your reef keeper outlet, not sure why but the pump will not turn on when this is done so I am using a power strip.
by crazyme
on 3/26/2011
not worth going without
I have to admit I went many years without pump protection. Even though my pump had ran dry many times thru the years well I finally lost it after it ran a couple days dry without me noticing it. Ya I know how could that happen? Well I moved my sump and filters along with my pump into a corner of the garage so I could have a virtually noise free tank and be able to do all the cleaning and water changes without messing the inside of the house. Anyway bought a new pump which are not cheap anymore so decided it was time to protect it. I even ran the water low to see what happened and it works like a charm. Water runs low it shuts pump off as soon as the level is safe it goes back on. I only wish i had spent it sooner.
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