Brightwell Aquatics KoraLagoon Substrat Aragonite Refugium Substrate
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Brightwell Aquatics KoraLagoon Substrat Aragonite Refugium Substrate.

A blend of high-purity aragonite particulate grades to simulate the natural substrate particle profile of tropical reef lagoons.
Multiple particulate grades encourage biochemical reactions (e.g. nitrification and denitrification) within the sediment to facilitate continuous release of constituent ions (calcium, carbonate, strontium, magnesium, potassium, and sixty minor and trace elements), encouraging the growth of reef-building organisms and helping stabilize pH.
Over 39% calcium and 57% carbonate by dry weight. Applications include refugia, sea grass and macroalgae bed syste filtration employing substrate to facilitate natural redu of organic and nitrogenous waste, and reef aquaria of all sizes (notably nano-reef systems).
Formulated by a marine scientist.


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by Matt
on 4/22/2011
great substrate for refugium
this is a great substrate, but at the price, it's suitable for a refuge or a nano tank, unless you're set on having a highly natural base in your tank. blend of aragonite and many other items, uniquely, has a blend of crushed shells, which made this very similar to what youd find in a lagoon, or near a reef. had to say what it has done for water quality or trace mineral dispersement as its only been in my refuge (which is also new) for about a week. a note, the 3.1 lb size was smaller than I had assumed, totally my fault. if planning on only using this in a refuge, be sure you calculate how much you will need, I will be needing to order more later, as one container (mixed with another substrate of 5lbs) wasn't enough to create a proper base. one of the best parts of this substrate was its non-uniform particles, which will allow for maximum exposure to the water.
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