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Coralife Trap'Em is a quick and effective device to lure, trap and remove bristle worms from any reef aquarium.
Bristle worms grow and multiply rapidly and should be quickly removed from the aquarium. Trap' Em comes complete with bait.

Dimensions: 4.75"x0.75"x8"


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by Nano Nanny
on 2/20/2009
TrapEm worked, but.....
Let me start by saying, yes it worked. Matter of fact it worked within the first 15 minutes! But, we thought to ourselves, lets leave it in over night since we have the biggest one (about 6 inches) and catch a few of the small ones. Not a good idea. The darn thing is smart. It managed to get out after eating all the treats. Needless to say we were a little upset with ourselves. Now, it sees the Trap and runs like the wind. I have only managed to catch a tiny weird shrimp looking thing since. Which leads me to believe he has spread the word to avoid the long green thing! Word of advice, catch it, get it out and don't wait!
by wposch
on 7/31/2008
Seemed to work OK
I purchased 4 of these so that i could place them throughout my 65 gallon tank. It did catch some of the birstleworms in the tank but not all of them and all it takes is for a few to survive to start the problem all over again.
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