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Plastic check valve for water plant aquariums.
The check valve is usually placed between the CO2 regulator and the bubble to prevent water from back-flowing to the regulator.


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by Richard
on 2/15/2012
Good Co2 check valve for the price
Definitely not a top-of-the-line German made check valve. But, for the price, this inexpensive plastic check valve is a valuable addition (safety devise) for protecting CO2 regulators. I've been using a few of them continuously for close to 3 years, and have experienced no problems.
by zuko
on 6/28/2008
Nice inexpensive check valve, that works good.
I bought the azoo C02 check valve after I received a little shock from the C02 solenoid. The Co2 check valve on my Coralife Ca reactor 500 gave out and was letting saltwater flow back into my C02 solenoid causing a drip when I went and check the solenoid I got a zapped, not a good thing. I had to shut down my reactor and find a new fast. I placed an order with AquaCave and with their fast customer service and shipping I received the Azoo check valve in no time. The Azoo Co2 check valve is a lot better then the check valve that Coralife put on. With the Coralife valve you can blow in the discharge side of the valve and feel a little resistance and a little air will make its way through but worked to hold back reverse flowing water but I knew it would give out eventually. 3 years later it finally failed. The Azoo check valve is built way better and trying to blow through the end was futile. The co2 has to build up enough pressure to be able to open the valve and to start dosing Co2 into the reactor. The Germen ABS check valve is built better but more expensive and at times will close and stay closed until either enough pressure builds up to open it or you have to tap on it to free it. All in all the Azoo is a good cheap replacement valve that is worth the money.
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