At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on CPR Bak Pak 2 Hang on Back Protein Skimmers for Marine & Reef Aquarium for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium.
The Cyclone BAK-PAK™2 Bio-Filter is the second generation external, hang on the back, combination Protein Skimmer and Biological Filtration unit from CPR.
CPR is proud to introduce the hang-on skimmer that all reefkeepers have been waiting for, the Cyclone BAK-PAK™ 2R+. This new skimmer is designed for use on reef tanks where biological filtration is not necessary, but still incorporates all of the other features that have made the BAK-PAK™ line of skimmers so popular.
CPR has taken the proven technology behind the BAK-PAK™ 2, and created the NEW BAK-PAK™ Dual Pak. The Dual Pak provides a complete hang-on filtration unit for tanks up to 100 gallons that incorporates two protein skimmers with a biological filtration chamber in the middle. Using proven Rejuvenation Venturi technology, the protein skimmers are flooded with bubbles for constant removal of excess organics.

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