Current USA True Lumen LED Lunar Light Module 3 LED 453 Blue (POWER SUPPLY SOLD SEPARATE)
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Current USA True Lumen LED Lunar Light Module 3 LED 453 Blue (POWER SUPPLY SOLD SEPARATE)

When the day is done, these LED moonlights begin their work. By casting a beautiful moon glow over your aquarium, TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights will illuminate the previously unseen nocturnal environment and promote spawning, all while consuming less than 1 watt of power. TrueLumen Lunar Lights are a brilliant, energy efficient lighting system which will help you enjoy an active night life.

* Stimulates Spawning
* Linkable
* Energy efficient, high power LED's
* 2 color choices

Research studies have shown that using rhythmic moon luminance is very helpful in spawning captive animals. Add it to your existing light fixture, hood or canopy for a complete 24-hour lighting solution. For optimum coverage, link multiple Lunar Lights inside your canopy.

Our 12,000K Moon White is the only natural white light replicating the glow of a full moon. The crisp white light casts a "moon-glow" over your tank creating a beautiful nocturnal environment.

The 453nm Actinic Blue light casts a mysterious nighttime glow over your tank creating a viewable nocturnal environment while providing all the benefits of a Lunar Light.


Our Moon White is ideal for use in all freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks to simulate the lunar glow of a full moon on a summer tropical night, and is also great for terrarium use. And our Nocturnal Blue is ideal for use in all freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks by creating a mysterious nighttime glow for nocturnal viewing. This is also great for terrarium use.


Easy to install - just plug our 12V transformer (sold seperately) and connect it to the Lunar Light. Then, simply attach the Lunar Link to your aquarium canopy, hood or light fixture using the supplied LED adhesive or mounting screw. Lunar Lights are linkable between each other, or by using our optional 3 way splitter.


* LEDs: 3 x LED 453 Blue


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by Mike
on 11/27/2011
Great Cost
Lights are bright. 460nm. Use them day and night. Will make the water shimmer. You can order 12 vot suplly or use any standard 12v supply with straight female end. Two is the minimum for a 48" long tank, but two does alot.
by Archit
on 11/10/2011
awesome night lights!
Love these lights! We have 3 of them on our 92 gallon corner tank, and they look gorgeous! makes all the corals glow so well! :)
by JohnV8r
on 10/25/2011
Awesome lights
I have a reef tank 48"L x 28"D x 30"T. I added 3 sets of lights and the effect is AMAZING. I could easily get by with just two lights. However, the third light adds coverage that just floods the 453 color across my corals, making them look AMAZING. The lights actually daisy chain up to 12 individual lights on one transformer. There is no need to buy the splitter to run lights in a straight row. The splitter gives you the ability to create three rows. Im not sure why AquaCave told me I needed the splitter, but Ill be returning it. This is a GREAT product that comes highly recommended.
by MyLittleHome
on 4/6/2011
Great Night Light
We have a 55gal tank and two lights do the trick. Defiantly lights enough to see what our fish and frog are doing once the lights go out. Nice that the come with double sided tape already on the light. Just stuck ours on a flat surface under the flo lights tent. For the price you cant go wrong.
by tzar66
on 10/10/2010
cool lights
Now I can watch my fish w/the lights out. I used the transformers from a couple of Coleman camping lanterns and they work well as they are 12V. Saved money this way.
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