Deluxe Calcium Reactor Package
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Calcium Reactor Media  
CO2 Cylinder  
pH Controller  
CO2 Regulator  
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Deluxe Calcium Reactor Package.


Turn your calcium reactor into a complete automated unit by adding our Deluxe CO2 Package.
Can be used with any calcium reactor on the market.
It includes everything you'll need to setup and automate your calcium dosing.

Package Includes:

- CO2 Cylinder
- Your choice of CO2 Regulator with Solenoid Valve
- Your choice of pH Controller
- Your choice of Calcium Reactor Media
- 6 ft. of CO2 resistant Tubing
- Co2 Check Valve by Azoo
- Bubble Counter Liquid


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by Chien Tu
on 9/24/2010
Best deal combo
I cannot find any better deal than this system. Everything is freshing new and easy to hook up. The CO2 tank was stamped as of 08/2009 for hydro test information. The most important thing is customer service: friendly and responsible. I reported the missing bubble counter liquid bottle after checking the package. 2 days after, the missing unit arrived at my door. What an excellent service! I am very satisfy and just order a calcium reactor today to complete the system. I will update how the system work later and will buy more from Aquacave.
by Chris
on 9/15/2009
Great Buy
Nice package deal! Though I found out I might have been able to get a better deal on the CO2 tank alone when I had it filled by AirGas, Im completely satisfied. I did have a defective check valve included but AquaCave sent one out the next day!!! The system works wonderfully so far but it has only been operating completely now for 48 hours. But to be able to modify all aspects of this system is great! Based off others reviews, I chose the Gen X media and am satisfied by it. I also chose the 10lb tank and Milwaukee controller and regulator. All systems are working perfectly. The controller keeps the pH in the reactor 6.6-6.9! I would recommend googling the directions on how to install the regulator as the ones on the box are a bit lacking detail.
by andyfla
on 9/1/2009
Great product just learn about setting it up
I bought an octopus 140 reactor for my 100 gallon mixed reef tank and bought this package for it. It took me a while to figure out how everything worked because I'm so used to dosing. When its all set up you'll be very happy you have to dose all the time to keep up and maintain the calcium. I especially love the bubble counter. It was great to have it all together love it very much. This is a great hobby and if you are serious about it you must invest in the beginning and then get your corals later. I will definitely tell my friends about this item.
by Kenneth
on 2/26/2009
Great Price. Great Selection.
When doing my research I could not find another packaged deal as good as this one for the price. I researched each product offered individually for weeks before making my final decision. The reef fanatic regulator had nothing but good reviews everywhere and when I compared it to the standard Milwaukee Instruments with its 50/50 reviews I decided the extra $50 was worth it in the long run. I also decided to upgrade my media to the gen-x since it received a lot of great reviews. I compared it to the arm brand and a lot of people said that the arm sometimes turns to mush and has to be replaced early on and therefore they use gen-x instead which is more solid. I stuck with the Milwaukee Instruments pH controller because I know a lot of people that have it and have never had a problem. Aquacave offered fast shipping and each product was individually packaged to survive a nuclear blast which was great. If the right combination of products are chosen than this package can definitely receive a 5 star rating and I would definitely recommend it to friends.
by Alex
on 2/22/2009
Its a great combination
this is a great combination of tools to have for someone who is starting off from the start like me. The only thing that was missing is a "set up instruction manual". in which you can easily get the info from the internet. Oh, by the way before you make the purchase make sure you know where to fill up the co2 tank otherwise this combo is useless.
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