Digital Aquatics Lifeguard Controller (30-0100-001)
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Digital Aquatics Lifeguard Controller (30-0100-001)


Lifeguard by Digital Aquatics is a completely new product that was built from the ground up to give you peace of mind and keep you connected to your aquarium in a way that`s not been possible before. We started by listing to you and identifying the main causes of aquarium related problems. It really came down to just a few primary things, temperature, pH and water level issues. So we then took those important parameters and built it all into a single device that not only monitors, but can alert you if there`s ever a problem! And we do it in a way that`s never been done before.

From the start of this project our focus was to make Lifeguard a device that anyone can use. Whether you have an advanced control system or simple timers running your aquarium, Lifeguard is a valuable addition! Because Lifeguard operates independently of any other device used by your aquarium it perfect as a standalone monitoring system or a redundant safeguard against failure.

From the moment you power up Lifeguard you know it`s more than just a monitoring system! With a rich HTML5 web based interface it`s compatible with any personal computer system, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. As a standalone product there`s no need for a constant PC connection to get the full feature performance of the Lifeguard system. Other companies try to repurpose hardware that they have, that`s makes set up difficult and confusing and often much more expensive than the Lifeguard system. In fact, your Lifeguard monitoring system is not only affordable but comes with everything you need to get up and running! And the best part, there`s no mandatory monthly fee required for Lifeguard.

Lifeguard is first purpose built monitoring system that`s rooted years of engineering experience, with a true focus on the user and their aquarium!

Included Hardware:

  • 1 x Lifeguard
  • 1 x Temperature probe
  • 1 x pH probe
  • 1 x 7ph calibration packet
  • 1 x 10pH calibration packet
  • 1 x Power supply (12VDC)
  • 1 x 5` Ethernet cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide

Benefits of Lifeguard

Lifeguard will help you avoid some of the most common issues with aquarium before they end up costing you a lot of time, money and precious livestock.

The number one cause of tank failures is temperature spikes/drops. These can be caused by a number of things including heater or chiller failures, under powered heating or cooling systems as well as circulation pump failures and more. Lifeguard will constantly monitor temperature and alert you at the first sign of trouble helping you avoid complete tank disasters!

Another issue that your aquarium can have that`s often an indicator of bigger issues is pH level shifts. pH levels can be affected by a variety of problems. While your fish can often handle reasonable swings in ph, your most delicate coral cannot! Lifeguard will, again, notify you at the first sign of trouble! 

This feature is even more important if you`re controlling the pH levels in your aquarium! Lifeguard can send an email if your controller ever fails or an event happens where the controller is no longer able to regulate.

In addition, Lifeguard help save you time when testing ph. You can get extremely accurate pH readings at a glance. No more comparing colors on a chart that is often a "best guess". And no more fumbling around with solutions and test sticks...

Lastly, have you ever heard a story of a leak that cause both a tank disaster and thousands of dollars of damage to a home; or an RO system fails or reservoir tank goes dry and the aquarium can`t auto top off causing huge swings in system parameters? Lifeguard can send out an email or text message if the water level in your system drops below an acceptable level (float switch required for this feature, sold sparately). An even better part you can wire float switches in a way that it will know if the water gets to high OR o low! Likely saving your investment your tank as well as your home!

Don`t let this happen to your home while you`re at work or enjoying a weekend away - it wont if Lifeguard is on duty and you`ll have the ability to respond quickly!

We understand how much your aquarium means to you. Here at Digital Aquatics we are constantly looking for cost effective ways to give you the technology that will help safeguard the things you value the most in this hobby! Lifeguard offers you unmatched peace of mind as a standalone monitoring system that can notify you almost anywhere you are! Coming with everything you need to get up and running, a very intuitive web-based interface, and no need for a constant PC connection, you`ll be up and running in minutes!

But, that`s not all... Lifeguard also logs data for weeks and when you set up your home network correctly you can log in from anywhere in the world and check up on your tank. Not that you`ll need to because Lifeguard is diligently watching your aquarium for any sign of trouble!


  • Beautifully anodized aluminum case
  • High contrast backlit display


  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • HTML5/Javascript /AJAX/jQuery
  • iPhone/iPad compatible
  • Multiple language support
  • Simple set up with step by step assistant
  • Built in digital manual (w/automatic updates*)
  • Customized alerts and reporting
  • Data graphing
  • Data trending logic
  • Single button interface for toggling display data pH, temp, time last pH calibration date/recalibration alert

Technical Specs: Dimensions:

  • 89mm x 90mm x 25mm


  • PIC32
  • 32bit
  • 80MHz

Display info:

  • Size info
  • 16x2, alphanumeric, high contrast backlit display

Website info:

  • Languages: English (coming: Spanish, and more…)
  • HTML5/Javascript (iPhone/iPad compatible)
  • Graphing: 5 minute resolution, two weeks duration

(Exportable data) Email/Notification:

  • Multiple email address
  • SSL support


  • pH - BNC
  • Temp - RJ12
  • Switch input - 3.5 mini jack w/removal detection
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power
  • Button
  • Reset switch



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