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The Aqualight Digital Power Center is a 24-hour day-night alternating timer device that is ideal for all Aqualight lighting systems. The unit can be set to turn on/off 7 times per day at different days of the week.
The Aqualight Digital Power Center has 4 constant -power outlets and 4 alternating timer- controlled outlets (2 daytime and 2 nighttime) to make the day and night lighting applications easier to manage.
The digital feature allows the alternating timer to set the day-night cycle at different times of the day at different days of the week. When the 2 daytime timer-controlled outlets are on, the 2 nighttime timer-controlled outlets are off.

* 8-Outlet Timer/Power Strip 4 timer-controlled outlets
* 7 time cycle settings
* Alternates daytime and nighttime outlets
* Can be set to turn on/off 7 times per day at different days of the week
* 4 constant-power outlets
* Master on/off control switch
* 3-foot heavy-duty power cord
* Sliding outlet safety covers
* 3-prong grounded plug and outlets
* 15 amp 120 volt (1875 watts max.)circuit breaker
* UL listed


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on 1/10/2009
Good Timer
This is a good light fixture timer but I have a gripe and an issue (with mine). The issue is that the outlets are spaced too close together to allow you to plug in a transformer "brick" and a regular plug. My light fixture has a transformer "brick" for the cooling fan and I had to find an extension adapter before I could plug it in. The issue with my unit (hopefully only mine) is that the yellow daytime outlets and the blue night time outlets are wired backwards!!! It took me an hour of messing with the programing before I figured it out and reversed the order in which I plugged in the devices.
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