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New Products:

Vertex Libra Dosing Pumps: After 16 months of extensive R&D and quality/compatibility assessment of many motors and platforms; decision was made to utilize Japanese Wei co• pumps. Superior quality of parts, components and craftsmanship of these motors are unparalleled for industries demanding higher precision and lifetime.
Vertex Libra Aquarium Dosing Containers: Made of cast acrylic and PVC.  Available in  2.5 Liter,  in the short or tall version.  Short version containers are stackable and come with three rubber feet to ensure they stay together.
Vertex Vectra Protein Skimmer Neck Cleaners: The Vertex Universal Self Cleaning head lid is designed to work with Vertex Vectra Universal Cleaner unit engine.  Simply attach the Vertex Vectra Engine to to proper size Vertex Vectra collection cup lid and remove the old lid.  Improve your current skimmers efficiency by as much as 70%.
Reeflo Blow Hole External Water Pumps: The BlowHole TM pumps by ReeFlo feature a unique 3-speed AdjustaFlow switch that allows you to instantly choose flow rates, pressure and watt draw from three different settings. Cut the flow and watt draw in half during the night or at feeding time and then instantly switch back when desired. Very low heat transfer The BlowHole TM pumps feature a FlowThru design that prevents the water from picking up motor heat while churning inside the pump head.


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