EcoSystem Deluxe 3012 Refugium Filter System
  • EcoSystems Deluxe 3012 Refugium Filter System
  • EcoSystems Deluxe 3012 Refugium Filter System

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EcoSystem Deluxe 3012 Refugium Filter System.

The Ecosystem Filtration Method is based on the principles of ecology and is a natural filtration system that simulates the environment found in coral reefs. It does not require a Protein Skimmer or activated carbon to purify the water. It keeps the water well oxygenated through the photosynthesis of Caulerpa and entirely eliminates the need for air pumps. Caulerpa can also be harvested and used as fresh, natural food for fish. In addition, Caulerpa prevents the growth of undesired hair algae by competing for essential nutrients.

The EcoSystem Filtration Method uses the end products of fish metabolism and fixes them into plant tissue, therefore preventing the accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, and stabilizes the pH. By maintaining a clean environment, the EcoSystem Filtration Method keeps fish healthy and their colors vibrant. Furthermore, we have discovered through our research, that our filtration system helps prevent and even cures lateral line disease.

The Ecosystem Filtration System requires minimal maintenance, and is a cost-effective way for you to keep a flourishing tank of fish and inverts. We invite you to learn more about the Ecosystem Filtration Method.


- Includes: 30″L x 12″W x 16″H ACRYLIC sump for 75-100 gallon tank
- (1) 4″ Pre-filter bag (short), (1) 1.5″ Bulkheads
- Suggested flow rate of 800-1000 GPH

- Optional Package: 20 lbs. of Miracle Mud (fresh or saltwater), (1) 18 watt PC. Light, Bioballs



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