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The "Feeding Frenzy" Feeding Station is a unique tool for making the feeding of flake foods and other floating foods an easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable process (for fish and fish keepers).
The Feeding Station floats on the surface of the aquarium water and adheres to the inside surface of glass or acrylic aquariums. It provides a stationary zone where fish can return repeatedly to feed while containing floating foods within a limited space.
The food does not immediately scatter across the aquarium water surface, which helps to reduce the clogging of filters or skimmers.


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by woodslivin01
on 9/24/2011
Best feeding station
In put this feeding station in and the fish went crazy, they loved it. Its a lot of fun to watch them when I open the hood lid and put the food in it. Best part is, the food doesn't hid the intake on my filter clogging it up. Glad I bought 2. I put the second one in my other aquarium. It works as described, when the water lever goes down , it goes along with the water level. I highly recommend it. (Updated on 9/24/2011.) (Updated on 9/24/2011.)
by aussie_chicago
on 5/21/2011
works great !
works perfectly, I brought this along with an auto feeder, the feeder drops the flakes / pellets into the feeding station,gives the food enough time to start sinking and not get sucked into the overflows.Flexible enough to raise and lower with water level in tank. A cheap way to not loose all your food down the overflows.
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