Fiji Mud, Refugium Booster, 24oz.
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Fiji Mud, Refugium Booster 24oz.

Fiji Mud is collected from rare mud patches, discovered by science years ago, which are found in clear uncontaminated seawater. These patches typically occur at 40 - 50 feet of cool, clear water just off the coral reef.

Fiji Mud is unique in its ability to release essential minerals and vital nutrients that will allow hard and soft corals to flourish whether you are starting a new refugium or topping up your existing one.
This product contains all the major and minor trace elements as they naturally occur as well as an elaborate network of 5 - 100 micron size organisms that are critical for the success with Acropora and other small polyp stony corals.

Alternate use: this product can also be added directly to your aquarium at the rate of one teaspoon per 100 gallons twice weekly. Mix with tank water and pour directly into water flow, the water will become cloudy but will return crystal clear overnight. This will add the essentials nutrients when no refugium is available.

Fiji Mud comes in the following two sizes for your maximum convenience.


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by Hoang
on 2/7/2011
Love it!
I don't care what others may tell you, but this stuff works. My mangroves love them and so does my life-stock. I notice improvement in my water quality and life-stock. Worth the money. Id advise on getting the 12lb box since the 24 oz. one really isn't much.
by Ash
on 12/9/2009
Not sure what it is about this stuff...But LOVE IT!
A year ago, I was ready to upgrade my 45 mixed reef to my 125 mixed reef. I wanted to try a refugium since I never had before, and wanted to stick to the most natural approach. after a lot of research of what type of substrate to use in a refugium, I chose this mud. I liked the idea of not having to ever REMOVE any every 6 months because it naturally breaks down, but rather just grab a "Booster" and replace what has been broken down. With sand and miracle mudd, I have read that you must remove 20-30% every 6 months and then replace what you removed with new substrate...As many know, when you have a seep bed of any substrate, it is very risky to disturb it because of the gases that accumulate over time. None of this risk or head ache with Fiji Mud. Just add a few boosters every 6 months or so, and youre set. Corals and fish are VERY healthy with great growth, and refugium is amazingly live with pods, tube worms, feather dusters, etc constantly multiplying to keep refugium healthy and supplying main tank with more than enough critters to keep water quality great. MUST BUY for anyone with or looking into a refugium
by RDavies
on 6/7/2009
Top Notch Item
This stuff works; period. Corals just pop after using this product.Buy it, it works.
by gldenby
on 6/3/2009
Great Product!
Great stuff! I used it along with some sand in my new refugium set up. I also use it to supplement my saltwater tank from time to time.
by KMarks
on 3/23/2009
Good Addition
I just added a sump and skimmer to my reef aquarium and this mud to the refugium. Cant tell which improveemnt is doing the most buy mu corals and 2 fish have never looked better. I figure adding an inch of sea bottom to the refugium can only do good things. For $12, why not?
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