Filter Max 1 Prefilter
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Filter Max 1 Prefilter

The Filter Max Prefilters provide filtration of water before entering the main filter. They prevent debris from clogging the filter media and at the same time provide biological filtration.
These prefilters Can be used with most outside power filters, canister filters, and powerheads.
Each prefilter includes three universal adapters for use with various main filters intake tubes.


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by John
on 3/8/2011
Filter Max Prefilters
I have this pre-filter connected to an aqua-clear 20 containing 5oz of chemi-pure with the aqua-clear foam as the last item in the media basket. It work well, but upon initial use the prefilter must be rinsed every 7 -10 days as the water flow slows down. As the aquarium becomes established the need to rinse the prefilter lessen. I have been runing this set for 4 full months would recommend this prefilter as well as chemi-pure to my friends.
by Derwood
on 4/8/2010
Water cycle is complete!!!!
I have been trying to get my aquascaped aquarium to cycle correctly for months and a friend recommended me getting a filter max 1, well, after having it installed for a couple weeks, the water is now perfect and no more headaches!!! This is a great addition to your HOB filter. I give it 2 thumbs up...
by albmee
on 11/16/2009
Worthwhile Application Use
I purchased this item to use on the intake of my Aquaclear power filter. Reason being tank is a 29 gallon used as a desktop display used for Tanganikyan shell dwellers. But know this if you use sand in your aquarium especially with cichlids that constantly dig it will eventually get caught up in your power filter impeller assembly, thereby shortening its service life. This filter serves triple duty as a great prefilter to keep sand out of the impeller, creates beneficial microbes for fry to eat and polishes water.
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