Finnex 200W Heater with Digital Controller
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Item #: HE-FX-HMO200
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New technology with precision digital control to maintain water temperature at a constant level. Built in with automatic shut off overheat protection. Titanium tube with corrosion-resistant, virtually unbreakable fast heating. LED water temperature reading.

* Precision digital control, maintain water temperature at a constant level
* Automatic shut off overheat protection
* Corrosion-resistant, virtually unbreakable fast heating titanium tube
* LED water temperature reading

Heaters have built-in temperature sensors which automatically cuts the power to the heater if it accidentally comes in contact with air. Maintains water temperature within +/-2ºF of the set value providing a safe, healthy, and stable temperature for your tank.

* Wattage: 200W
* Amperage @ 115V: 1.8A
* Recommended Tank Size (gallons): 60~80
* Power cord to wall: 53.5" inch
* Power cord to heating tube: 30"
* Heating tube length: 11"


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on 2/22/2010

Great heater....very consistent!
by Tsuslik
on 2/13/2010
Great, but quit working after a year
We loved this heater. We tried several, but we didnt want to mess with a turn dial. This one worked great and was accurate. Almost exactly one year after we bought it we come home with some new friends for our tank and it was 72 degrees. We powered it off and back on, but it wouldn't heat. The temp feature was still working, but the heater would not work. So it was a mad dash to the local pet supply place to grab a turn dial one. We may reorder this one since we really liked it and keep the other as a backup. The turn dial one was more expensive than this one as well.
on 2/10/2010
Finnex 200 W heater with digital controller
Customer service was very good, they were quick to address & resolve any issues. The shipping was fast & reasonable. The heating rod & sensor wire can be hidden easily. My 55 gal tank achieved its setting & has kept it within 2 degrees of set point. The fish seem to enjoy its dependability. It is very easy to set & to read the controller.
by travel8r
on 2/7/2010
I Have Purchased Three of These
I purchased two of these last year, one for my 75 gallon reef tank and one for my 30 gallon saltwater tank. I really liked both of them. Then, my 200 watt heater failed on my reeftank. Luckily, I had a backup. I have replaced that heater with another 200 watt finnex heater. I am hoping the failure of the first one was a limited problem, as I really like the product and I am willing to give it another try.
by Fatcat
on 2/17/2009
Finnex Heaters
I had just purchased a 45 gallon vertical tank and wanted to buy what I felt was the best heater I could afford. I did a lot of research before I decided to buy a Finnex Heater. Mind you, I have only had my tank up and running about 3 weeks but my fishy little friends need to be warm. One think I like about Aquacave... they ship really fast! They have great prices on Finnex Heaters... even better than eBay sellers. I am so sold on the Finnex that I bought a 300 watt heater for my 75 gallon Oceanic Tank that I will set up in the next few weeks. They are simple to set and you can read it! I also bought some velcro circles and now I can hang it on the side of the tank so that when I look up I can read it. Would I buy it again??? You bet... and I highly recommend Finnex and Aquacave... Cat
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