Finnex HPS-200 200W Digital Glass Aquarium Heater
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Finnex HPS-200 200W Digital Glass Aquarium Heater.

These newly designed Finnex digital glass heaters are fully submersible & can be used in both fresh and marine aquariums. The red LED digital display allows users to visibly read current temperatures in the tank.
A single control button allows easy temperature settings, hassle free. Unit uses an ultimate designed internal temperature controller to keep aquarium temperatures steady.
Built in with automatic shut off overheat protection at 93°F, our 2mm quartz glass thick tubes one of the strongest glass heaters out there.
To further separate this glass heater from the rest, this heaters is equipped with memory, meaning after power outages, at start up the heater will resume your preset temperature settings.


* Wattage: 200W
* Amperage @ 115V: 1.35A
* Control Range: 68F - 92F
* Recommended Tank Size (gallons): 60~80
* Power cord to wall: 55" inch
* Heating tube length: 12"
* Heating tube diameter: 1"


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by Don
on 6/13/2011
Great features, possible poor reliability
My first one of these stopped working after 5 months, near the end of the warranty period. It worked well until then, and the company replaced the defective unit with another one. This could have been a rare exception to the rule or the norm. My opinion will change if I get years of service from this replacement. That said, I bought a second one for another tank, so Im not totally soured on this brand. Im giving them another chance. I believe that this design could be a less costly option to heaters with digital controllers that mount outside the tank. Id give it 5 stars if it had not quit working so soon. If it were not for the unusual features of this heater, I would have rated it lower and not bought a second one. because of the failure, I have to take 2 stars away from a perfect 5.
by Big E
on 12/27/2010
Great product
I was pleased with price and quality. Has temp display that shows current temp. Also you can use probe in one place and place heater in another. Great product.
by KMack
on 12/7/2010
Easy to use
Very pleased with the quality and functionality of this heater. Especially like the easy to read digital setting.
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