FragPod Coral Propagation Plugs,  20 ct.
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FragPod's are the easiest way to grow out coral cuttings and frags.
FragPod I is a round bowl that provides the right depth to glue on a SPS or stony coral, and that allows it to have room for the base to grow. FragPod II is a larger disc that has four holes around the edge, and is designed for polyps, mushrooms and corals that like to grow horizontal.
Both FragPods are designed to fit onto standard 1/2" x 1/2" egg crate.
This makes fragging your corals much easier by keeping the glued coral still. Once the coral is attached, you can have a frag garden in your tank. Having all of your frags together, you can make sure they are all attaching and growing.
Once the coral has a good base, you can place the coral in its permanent location or keep it on the egg crate for trading and selling.

Two sizes:

* 10 x SMALL (7/8" dia.)
* 10 x LARGE (1 3/8" dia.)


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