Fritz-Zyme 7 Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria
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FRITZ ZYME 7 FRESHWATER NITRIFYING BACTERIA contains live, active, non-pathogenic Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter nitrifying bacteria.
Proven to be the best product available for ammonia & nitrite reduction by laboratory testing performed at the University of California, FRITZZYME #7 begins rapidly converting ammonia & nitrite to non-toxic nitrate when added.

Always add FRITZ ZYME #7:
- To new tanks
- When adding new livestock
- After any rigourous cleaning
- Changing Gravel
- After changing filter cartridges
- After medicating
- Whenever ammonia/nitrite imbalances occur

Quick and Easy Reference:
- Nitrifying Bacteria count (minimum) 2,000,000 per ounce
- Professional formula for use in all freshwater systems; safe for use with plants, snails & discus
- Removes ammonia and nitrites the safe, permanent and natural way
- Does not require refrigeration
- Add 1/2 cup (4 oz) per 10 gallons to jump-start new systems or reduce ammonia/nitrite spike


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