Hagen Nutrafin CO2 System Natural Plant System w/CO2 Activator & Stabilizer
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Hagen CO2 Natural Plant System w/CO2 Activator & Stabilizer by Hagen.


This system has been designed to supply any aquarium with a safe, economical and efficient method of providing aquarium plants with nature's most powerful carbon source for plants.
Employing a natural fermentation process for CO-2 eliminates the need for inconvenient pressurized cylinders. The system allows quick, easy and economical refills of ingredients to provide continuous CO-2 for a 3-4 week period. The special fermentation canister has been developed to support consistent carbon dioxide output.
Comes with: Fermentation canister, bubble counter/diffuser, CO-2 resistant airline tubing, 3 suction cups and a holder, 3 activator and 3 stabilizer packets (good for a 3 months supply).
Good for aquarium up to 20 gallons.

Size: 3" diameter x 7 3/4" high (8 1/4" with airline adapter)

How it works:
Once the fermentation contents are sealed in the canister, fermenation takes place, which causes the creation and expulsion of CO-2.
The fermentation canister has a Thermo-Regulation system that buffers abrupt changes in temperature inside the canister caused by external temperature variations.
Additionally, the patented Pressure-Release safety cover prevents internal pressure from exceeding safe limits.
The CO-2 bubbles move from the fermentation canister to the bubble counter. There, the bubbles follow a 3 dimensional route.
This system has an extended diffusion path within a smaller area, providing longer contact time to ensure efficient diffusion (absorption) of CO-2 into the aquarium.


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by guysamurai
on 2/10/2009
CO2 Natural Plant System
This is a really cool system. Just add sugar and one of each of the packets included with the kit, and in 24 you will have CO2 in your aquarium for your aquatic plants. Price of the system and packet refills are not expensive either compared to other C02 systems. I Highly recommend this product if you want aquatic plants in your aquarium.
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