Hikari BiFuran+ Multi Purpose Treatment 3.5 oz
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Hikari BiFuran+ Multi Purpose Treatment 3.5 oz

Key Benefits

- Powerful Combination Of Proven Ingredients (nitrofurazone and furazolidone)
- Highly Effective
- Targets The Infected Areas
- Can Be Used As A Bath, Dip Or With Food
- Slime-Coat Replacer Helps Speed Recovery
- Extremely Safe
- Aquarium Solution® Sizes:
- 3.5 Oz (73500 - treats 100 gallons)
- Directions ForUse:

As A Bath: Asa bath treatment for external nitrofuran-susceptible, microbial diseases of marine and freshwater aquarium and pond fishes, use 1 capful (~9.7g) per 10gallons of water. A partial or complete water change should be made just prior to beginning treatment and every 24 hours thereafter, followed byre-treatment. Any water used should first be conditioned with ULTIMATE® or a combination of Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X® and Stress-X™ to remove ammonia,chlorine and chloramines. Repeat the treatment every 24 hours for 5 to 7 days or until complete cessation of mortalities occurs. If improvement is not noted within three (3) days, discontinue treatment and consider other therapy.

Short-Term Dip ForMarine Fishes: Mix the proper amount of BiFuran+™ into a containerof conditioned freshwater and place the diseased fishes into the container withgentle aeration. Allow the fishes to remain in this dip treatment untilthey can no longer remain upright or show other signs of osmotic stress(typically no longer than 1 minute). After treatment return the treatedfishes to normal seawater for recovery. Repeat daily as needed.

Oral Treatment ForFish: For systemic (internal) infections, Bifuran+™ can be fed mixedwith fish food.

Ingredients: nitrofurazone and furazolidone (active ingredients); sodiumcloride, synthetic polymers and a chelating agent.



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