Inland DFS-100 ReefKeeper Band Saw
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Inland DFS-100 ReefKeeper Band Saw.

The ReefKeeper Bandsaw DFS-100 from Inland is a workhorse coral cutting machine. The robust Inland Bandsaw has seen many miles of cutting limestone and coral skeletons in every corner of the country and now the machine is getting outfitted for maritime use. Whereas the previous model was designed primarily for cutting glass, the new DFS-100 ReefKeeper Band Saw features nearly all thermoplastic housing and it ships with a diamond coated saw blade. The blade guide is an all plastic, replaceable BladeSert that can be replaced for maximum performance so you can cut up every single last corallite of that Acan lord colony you just bought. Like before, the ReefKeeper Band Saw carries an active water cooling system that funnels water onto the cut to keep things clean, clear and visible.

* Reduced Heat Transfer Yields More Viable Frags Heat is the enemy when cutting corals; it destroys tissue and seriously affects viability, especially with sensitive species like chalice corals. The DFS-100 ReefKeeper Saw employs a continuously cooled narrow diamond blade to dramatically reduce heat transfer to the delicate tissue when cutting. Less heat means more viable frags can become healthy colonies to swap or sell.
* Clearance to Handle Larger Specimens Saw through materials as tall as 3 1/2" - something you can't do with cut-ff wheels, tile saws, or any other band saw. So go ahead, tackle that Tubastrea or Favites or any large specimen with confidence.
* Narrow Cutting Path Rotary tools and tile saws plow a wide swath through your valuable stock. The narrow diamond blade of the DFS-100 ReefKeeper Saw is removing the least possible amount of material as it cuts, resulting in less waste—up to three times less!


* Made specifically for fragging corals (see it in use).
* Use on stony corals, soft corals, and live rock.
* The stainless steel diamond coated blade won't contaminate your tank with copper.
* Inexpensive, replaceable BladeSert™ blade guides make the most intricate cuts simple.
* Sturdy Thermoplastic work table won't corrode.
* Drain channels funnel coolant into the internal drain system for a clean, clear view while sawing.
* The upper blade guide is adjustable for varying material thickness.
* The spring-loaded tension system, molded into the frame, insures proper wheel alignment, simple blade setup, perfect tracking hour after hour, and enhances blade life.
* The motor is permanent magnet, high torque, with built in speed control.
* The frame, cover, and water reservoir are molded entirely from structural grade thermoplastic making it corrosion resistant, extremely lightweight, portable, and easy to handle.


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by Matt
on 3/17/2011
Take Fragging to the Next Level
This thing is awesome. If you really want to get serious about fragging your hard corals you need to get one of these. Its easy to use and durable. My LFS uses the same one and they said they replace the blade about 2-3 times a year. That said, they use it a lot every day so for home use I expect the blade will last much longer.
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