Koralia EVOLUTION 1500 High Flow Power Head by Hydor

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Item #: WP-HD-KE1500
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Koralia EVOLUTION 1500 High Flow Power Head by Hydor.

The Koralia Evolution 1500 circulation pump offers the apex in efficiency and flow. Designed to work with wave timers, Koralia Evolution 1500s also feature extremely low power consumption and superior energy efficiency.
With a smaller footprint than previous models, Koralia Evolution 1500 pumps blend seamlessly into your aquarium's backdrop. Koralia's patented magnet suction-cup technology is improved too: now featuring a vibration-absorbing element to minimize movement and support smoother flow.


* OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 5 1/2 in. x 2 1/2 in. dia.
* MAXIMUM TANK SIZE: Fresh - up to 160 gallon./ Salt - 90 gallon


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by james
on 4/24/2013
Purchased 2 of these to replace dead #4's on my 180. they are not dead silent. they click on start up. Both of them. However they do produce better flow than the old #4's and are now 1500gph pumps. Would have rated this higher if i didnt read all the Hype they were Silent (they arent). The magnet improvements were def. not needed and seem to have less ability than my old ones. I had to superglue the head to the magnet base on both as they would fall off... and crashed into my 16" monti... Price for performance is good enough though.
by dru
on 3/12/2011
great value
I have two 1400 pumps on each side of a 48 inch long , 55 gallon tank,connected to a natural wave timer. You would think that the volume of water that this represents would totally overwhelm the corals and fish , but they thrive in the powerful but diffused current. It is absolutely silent, dependable, and makes the on/ off switching with out protest. The magnetic attachment is especially appreciated, given my prior experience with hang on hooks and terrible suction cups.
by Hoang
on 2/7/2011
Great power-head
These power-heads are the best bang for your buck. I run 3 of these on my 120g and their great! I get flow in every direction with no dead stops. My tangs love to surf in the current created by these power-head. Their also every quite, I run 3 and I hear nothing. Not a single hummmm.
by binford 4000
on 5/22/2010
what a difference
changed out our old koralias with these new evolution.The flow is strong yet not overpowering and they can be used with a wave maker or control.The flow reminds us allot of an MP40 without the price tag. Great job hydor!!
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