At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on aquarium LED lighting for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium. LEDs are more energy efficient than other types of lighting and they do not need to be replaced annually like aquarium light bulbs.




































Aqua Illumination LED Aquarium Lighting

Aqua Illuminations SOL Super Blue Modular Cree LED Lighting System

Aqua Illuminations SOL Super Blue Modular Cree LED Lighting System.
Reduced Energy
The AI modules are some of the most efficient lighting products on the market. Because of the lower energy consumption, an AI module will realize over a 1/3 savings when compared to the equivalent us of a low output metal halide (250W) bulb.
No Heat Increase
The AI shows less than a 1 degree water temperature increase over a 12 hour period. A low output metal halide (250W) bulb in the same configuration shows an increase of over 15 degrees. Because of this, it is unlikely that aquarists will have to use chillers when running AI modules resulting in substantial savings from equipment purchases and energy consumption.
Over 8 Times Longer Life
The AI’s modules are rated for over 50,000 hours providing for years of maintenance free and environmentally friendly use. Metal Halides require costly annual replacements due to deteriorating output and unpredictable color drift.
Built in the USA
Every AI product is made with high quality components. We assemble each unit at the AI headquarters and have been doing so since 2007. We test all critical components in-house including a PAR output, heat output, and electricity consumption test after a 24 hour burn in period for each module to ensure that each AI module is of the highest quality.
Cree LEDs:
Array: * 8 Triple Lenses ( (2W x 1B) * 8) = 24 LEDs total
* Quantity: 8
* Cree: XPGWHT-L1
* Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 6500K White LED Wavelength
* Quantity: 16
* Cree: XPEBLU-L1
* Dominate Wavelength: 470nm Blue LED Wavelength
Length: * 11.875 inches
Width: * 5.375 inches
Height: * 2.35 inches
Weight: * 4.125 pounds
Power Supply:
Power Output: * 72W
Universal Input Range: * 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
AC Cable Length: * 6 ft
DC Cable Length: * 10 ft
AC Connector: * IEC 320 Inlet Dimensions (L x W x H): * 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.25 in.
Weight: * 10 ounces
Regulatory Compliance (meets requirements/limits): * UL, CE, & RoHS†

Aqua Illuminations SOL White Modular CREE LED Lighting System
Aqua Illuminations Base LED Controller
Aqua Illuminations 24" Mounting Rails

CoralVue LED Aquarium Lighting; CoralVue T5/LED Fixture , high power 1 watt LEDs,
hanging kit, & legsReflector Material: 95% Germany Alanod Mirror Finish Aluminum. Worlds finest mirror finish metal manufacturer.

Reflector Design: Individual parabollic spider bent reflectors under each T5 lamp.

Ballast: Microprocessor controlled ballast allows for 40% more extended bulb life over magnetic and IC Solid State powered T5 ballast.

LED Supplement/Moonlight: High power 1 watt LED’s for added florescence of marine animals or moonlight phase for coral and fish spawning.

Enclosure: Extruded 3/16″ aluminum with automotive grade high gloss painted finish.

Brackets: Full free hanging hardware system with easy height adjustment settings. 360° Rotatable fixture mount for easy access during maintenance. Adjustable height mounting legs to help with coral acclimation.

CoralVue Coral Booster 14 & 28LED Fixtures, 18" x 1.5": AquaVue LED Coral Boosters use one watt high quality Cree super deep blue actinic LED’s that will give corals a intense glow not seen under any other supplemental lighting.
Use these lights to enhance aquarium lighting spectrum or as an intense moonlight effect. It comes with hanging kit or can be mounted directly to a canopy.
The power supply has an on/off switch or can be used with a timer. The Coral Booster comes in two models one with 14 LED’s and the other with 28 LED’s.

Marineland Double Bright LED Aquarium Light Fixtures: Features:

* Marineland LED Double Bright Lighting System
* Adjustable to Fit Aquariums 24" to 36"
* Powered by Energy Efficient LED's
* Slim stylized lighting profile
* Mimics underwater shimmer effect of sunlight
* 17,000 Lifetime Hours
* (8) 1W White LEDs - 750 Lumens
* (4) Blue Lunar LEDs

1 Watt LED Lamps provides higher output than typical single fluorescent bulb lighting. Energy efficient system that doesn't require any bulb replacement.
Lunar LED lamps - Energy efficient light that replicates the moon light cycle.

Finnex LED Moon Light with 1W Coral Fluorescent Blue LEDs with Dimmer: High par value intensive LED adds shimmering effect to the aquarium and enhances the fluorescent color of the coral. Low heat, low power consumption, perfect match with any lighting system.


• Water resistant aluminum housing
• 9 of 1 watt high intensity coral fluorescent blue LED
• Provides deep blue light for coral and invertebrate needs
• Conical reflector provides a wide viewing angle
• Dual power setting:
Intensive LED simulates a sunlight shimmering effect
Dimming LED simulates a moonlight effect
• Low heat build-up in the tank
• Heat sink adapted design prolongs the LED life
• Saves energy and easy installation

IceCap LED Aquarium Lighting: The LED tubes have the same look of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer, not a fluorescent ballast. The T5 form provides a very even spread of the light over the entire aquarium. Encasing the LED's inside a T5-style tube protects them and their circuit boards from the harsh, salty, humid environment that is your normal saltwater aquarium.
The IceCap LED arrays also have an aluminum heat sink on the backside of the tube to dissipate what little heat they generate. These two unique features to their LED arrays protect them from the elements (salt, humidity, and heat) that destroyed other brands of LED’s.

LED’s boast low energy consumption and a long life span, but Icecap knows the reason you'll want them is what they will do to the appearance of the corals. They are designed to excite the green fluorescing proteins in corals.
They particularly bring out yellows, oranges, reds, and greens. If you think your corals look good under actinics, you haven't seen anything yet! Mushrooms, zoanthids, Ricordea, and most any fleshly large polyp stony corals look amazing under the LED's.
This immediate and stunning glow is guaranteed to wow anyone who views your tank during the “twilight” hours and they will continue to cause fluorescence when all the lights are on.

The LED retrofits ship with mounting clips to secure the LED tubes to a canopy, commercial hood or existing fixture.
The weight should not be an issue because the 2-foot unit is only 4 oz.
Power connection to the LED array is a power tail with a quick connect to a low voltage power supply, no hand wiring required.

R2 Solutions LED Aquarium Lighting: We offer our R2 Signature series moonlight strips in 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch sizes.

These lightweight durable compact strips utilize ultra blue LEDs spaced at intervals of 2 inches to ensure complete coverage resulting in a beautiful shimmering moonlight effect(Our 48” model has an incredible 24 LEDs). These compacts are designed to be installed in the same manner as regular aquarium lights, above the acrylic or glass cover. The compact size allows for the R2 Signature Series lights to easily sit beside conventional daylight lighting systems.


* Ultra 30 Degree Angled LEDs for Full Coverage
* Safe Low Voltage 12v DC Power Supply
* 8 Foot Cable for Easy Manipulation
* Lightweight & Durable Aliminum Cover
* Ultra long led lifespan!

The R2 Moonlight Dual Extreme, same light as the R2 Extreme Moonlight but with 2 lights for double the coverage!
Each unit covers approximately 3 feet of tank but only measures 4 3/8 inches in length!!!
It is extremely versatile and cost effective! Our Moonlight tube is designed to produce a 120 by 60 degree illumination by utilizing extremely bright ultra blue LEDS. Installation is a breeze.... simply use the included brackets and double sided tape to mount the unit then angle the moonlight as you desire.

Our Extreme Moonlight is also available in a single package for Smaller tanks.


* LED Tube with 5 Wide Angled Ultra Bright LEDs
* Safe Low voltage 12v DC Power Supply
* 8 Foot Cable with On/Off Switch for Easy Manipulation
* 2 Easy to install Brackets with Double sided Mounting Tape
* Ultra Long LED Lifespan!

Won Brothers LED aquarium Lighting: * Stable DC 12 Volt power supply
* High Luminous intensity LED.
* Energy-saving, Durable and Reliable
* Deep illumination
* Low heating release
* Strong aluminum alloy hood
* Artistic and simple operation
* Professional design for the LED power
* Strong and high temperature resistant casing

Current USA LED Aquarium Lighting


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