At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on metal halide lamps for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium.
There is no other practical lighting source for an aquarium that will provide as much light intensity as metal halide aquarium lighting. This is why metal halide lighting systems are popular among reef keepers where light intensity is crucial for the survival of reef organisms. The need for light intensity provided by metal halides is even more important in deeper tanks. Metal halide lighting is practical for aquariums deeper than 16" and become a necessity for aquariums deeper than 30".




















Metal Halide Lamps
- Aqualine Metal Halide Lamps : The aqualine 10000 metal halide lamp has a color temperature of 10,000º Kelvin and a high percentage of the light output is at the blue end of the spectrum. Aqualine 10000 metal halide lamp was the first metal halide lamp to simulate the light conditions of a coral reef and the new lamp with its improved getter gives long term color stability and results is an even more realistic looking aquarium.
- CoralVue Metal Halide Bulbs : Coralvue metal halide bulbs feature the highest color quality for aquarium lighting. The Coralvue bulbs have a great combination in color balance and color temperature. The appearance of sun light is replicated perfectly by the Coralvue bulbs, which make for ideal lighting for your corals and fish.
The Coralvue bulbs are available in many sizes and color temperatures. The mogul base bulbs are available in 175W, 250W, and 400W. We offer 3 different color temperatures in our mogul base bulbs: 10000K, 14000K, and 20000K.
The HQI bulbs are available in 150W, 250W, and 400W. We offer 3 different color temperatures in our HQI bulbs: 10000K, 14000K, and 20000K.
- Phoenix 14,000K Metal Halide Lamps, Double Ended : Phoenix Metal Halide HQI 14000K Bulbs give a nice crisp white light with a bluish tint perfect for any saltwater application.
No actinic supplementation needed.
- ReefLux Metal Halide Lamps by CoralVue : ReefLux is the first true 10000K full spectrum metal halide bulb to be offered to the aquarium market. Other manufacturers claim to offer a 10000K lamp but that is just a marketing number of their best attempt to offer a full spectrum 10000K lamp. This is why they have a yellow or orange appearance and need to have some kind of fluorescent actinic to balance it out. Generally the more yellow or orange a bulb the more PAR the bulb will produce. ReefLux offers you the highest PAR rating without having to flood your aquarium with high powered fluorescent blue bulbs.
The ReefLux 12000K has the performance of the 10000K but with a touch of blue added.
- XM Metal Halide Lamps : XM 250W Metal Halide Lamp, Single Socket. Great Color and Growth, without a premium price! Excellent with or without Actinic supplementation. Available in both single ended and double ended configurations.

- Giesemann 250W Single Ended Megachrome Metal Halide Lamps :

MegaChrome Marine 12.5K
This lamp is specifically designed for marine aquaria that demand a very high light intensity simulating natural sunlight within the first 5ft of water.
Its special light spectrum has less red and more blue to enhance the brilliant and fluorescent colors of your fish and corals.
Compared with similar Kelvin rated bulbs, the Mega- Chrome Marine lamps have a significantly higher lumen and PAR output and color stability in excess of 3000 hours.
• High Lumen and PAR output
• Incredible color stability up to 3000 hours
• Can be supplemented by additional actinic lighting
• Promotes good coral and caulerpa growth
• Creates a natural ‘ripple/glitter’ effect in the aquarium

MegaChrome Coral 14.5K

The perfect light source for a bluer spectrum to simulate natural daylight on the reef at depths of 5 - 20ft.
The spectrum is a slightly bluer than that of the Marine but retains the high lumen output and PAR values relative to its Kelvin rating resulting in the ideal light to show up the blue and green fluorescence of your corals.
The high Kelvin values offered by this lamp are made possible by a special manufacturing process which ensures that both the light intensity and the color stability remain stable over a long period.
The MegaChrome Coral promotes healthy growth amongst corals and creates fascinating colors in your reef aquarium.
• Incredible color stability up to 3000 hours
• High Lumen and PAR output
• Enhances colors in corals and fish
• Creates a natural ‘ripple/glitter’ effect in the aquarium

- Radium 250W & 400W, 20,000K Single Ended Metal Halide Lamps : The German-made Radium 20000K metal halide bulb offers excellent coloration and good intensity. It is crisp-white with a strong blue tint.
It brings out the fluorescent pigments in corals nicely. Fluorescent supplementation is usually not necessary, but can be used for added intensity and to simulate dawn and dusk.

Ocean Metal Halide Lamps by Aqua Medic : A value minded bulb from the same people that bring you the first-class AB Aqualine bulb heritage. These bulbs render beautifully and are manufactured to exacting standards.
Aqua Medic Ocean bulbs are designed to offer excellent color quality.
Ideal for use with standard magnetic ballasts. When paired with the electronic ballast, Aqua Medic Ocean lamp opens up a new menu of saturated blue and mid-depth serenity.

70W Double Ended Metal Halide Lamps

1,000W Single Ended Metal Halide Lamps

175W Single Ended Metal Halide Lamp by Hamilton Technology: 14,000K Lamp features Bright ice white blue appearance, full spectrum consisting primarily of high spikes in the 440-460 nanometer range with additional smaller spikes in 550, 590 and 690 nm range.
Will bring out an attractive fluoresence from your fish and corals. Get desired actinic blue color effects without the need to add actinic blue fluorescents to your metal halide. Outstanding color!

175W Single Ended Metal Halide Lamp by USHIO: German-made, single-ended 175 watt metal halide bulb with excellent intensity and a balanced full light spectrum.

Available in 10,000K, 14,000K, and 20,000K. Product Specifications

Iwasaki 250W, 6,500K Metal Halide Lamp: Designed to provide a balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight. The exclusive Iwasaki/EYE chemistry provides levels of Red, Blue and Green spectral energy to optimize coral growth.



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