AquaMedic Niveaumat Auto Top-off Pump
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AquaMedic Niveaumat Auto Top-off Pump.


A common mistake in the aquarium hobby is to run the output from an R/O filter directly to a mechanical float switch on the aquarium filter to compensate for evaporation.
In this application the R/O produces very poor quality water because it is operated only in short bursts.
An R/O filter produces its best water quality when run for an extended period of time.
Therefore the ideal top-off system begins with a reservoir that is filled periodically by an extended run of the R/O filter. Water is then pumped, via a peristaltic dosing pump such as the Aqua Medic SP3000, from the R/O reservoir into the aquarium filter “on-demand” as water evaporates.
Obviously this type of top-off system requires a reliable level sensing system within the aquarium filter and a switching controller to operate the top-off pump to maintain the water level.
The Aqua Medic Aquaniveau is an excellent solution, providing two low-voltage float sensors.
One senses the level within the filter reservoir to turn on a top-off pump when the level there drops and another to shut off the top-off pump when the water level in the R/O reservoir gets too low, to prevent it from running dry.
For larger systems the peristaltic pump can be substituted for a higher flow rate pump to better suit the inherently greater rate of evaporation.
In a second mode the Aquaniveau can be connected with an M-Ventil solenoid valve to control the R/O filter with a minimum and maximum reservoir level set by the pair of float switches.
Includes SP3000 Dosing Pump.


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