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Enhanced Pro-Buffer dKH with Coralline Accelerator raises alkalinity or buffering capacity and works automatically to control pH in any marine aquarium. In addition, when used with any of our calcium additives, it encourages strong coralline algae growth.
Each 16 oz. of Pro-Buffer dKH will treat 1,900 gallons or 7,200 litres.

Important: Read use & interaction below! Add 10 ml per 40 gallons aquarium capacity each day, in a high flow area of the aquarium, until target alkalinity is reached.
Use along with any good calcium supplement to stabilize alkalinity in a reef type marine aquarium.
Add in the morning to prevent overshoot of pH.

deionized water containing carbonate, bicarbonate, sulfate and borate salts with trace minerals.


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by JFK
on 7/4/2012
Former President of the United States
I tested calcium, which requires magnesium dosed first, the dKH, the buffer capacity increased to 12-14 but my PH was low, 7.5 so I had to order "marine buffer" and a Red Sea PH/ALK test kit. It does imply it will handle PH level, it did not. You almost need to use products from the same companies for interaction, down to the salt mixes. Taking a closer look at Red Sea foundation, colors, and energy dosing and multi test kits for each.
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