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ROWA®phos is a completely new filter material for eliminating phosphate, which was developed by the Weil Industrieanlagen GmbH company in Osnabrück, Germany.
Due to its unique chemistry, it has the ability to bind large quantities of phosphate by adsorption to its surface without negatively influencing the water in the aquarium in any way.

ROWAphos is the professional method of removing Phosphate and Silicate in all types of Aquariums and Ponds.
It has the largest absorption ability of any phosphate product and will not leach back in to the water.

ROWAphos is the most effective phosphate remover on the market today.
It is widely used in Europe and is now finding success in the United States.
ROWAphos was developed in Germany to reduce Phosphates in the Main Water Supply. It is being used in lakes and ponds and has been refined for the Aquarium Market.
ROWAphos will not only remove phosphates but will never release them back into the system.

It has the largest absorption ability of any phosphate product in the market today. This saves the need for immediate removal once the media is full.
The product is easy to use and will improve the water quality wherever Phosphate or Silicate is a problem. It is of interest to Marine and Reef Aquariums where its unrivalled capabilities have shown it to be extremely beneficial in the control of nuisance algae’s and the growth of hard corals.
Unlike other phosphate removal products, it does not shock the animals or cause problems when used regularly. In fact constant use of the product is recommended, as its abilities to control nuisance algae is a major benefit.

Advantages of using ROWAPHOS Phosphate Absorbent:

- Extremely high binding capacity
- Needs very little room in the filter system
- Simple Handling
- No influence on pH
- Does not release toxic substances back into the aquarium when exhausted

Amount of ROWA®phos required to remove phosphate at 3ppm:

100 ml packet of ROWAphos

Fresh Water Aquarium: 200 US gal
Salt Water Aquarium: 100 US gal

250 ml packet of ROWAphos
Freshwater Aquarium: 500 US gal
Salt Water Aquarium: 250 US gal

500 ml packet of ROWAphos
Freshwater Aquarium: 1,000 US gal
Salt Water Aquarium: 500 US gal

1,000 ml packet of ROWAphos
Freshwater Aquarium: 2,000 US gal
Salt Water Aquarium: 1,000 US gal


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by Ralph
on 12/16/2012
Unreal - With no risk
I have done a lot of reading on this product and all I can say is it is unbelievable. There are no side effects on your reef. All the research I have done says that you can use four or five times the amount suggested with no side effects. You can dump it straight into your aquarium if you want(that would not help your phosphate problem but it would have no negative effects). This stuff is expensive but it is the best at removing phosphate and not leeching back into your system. This is one of the best aquarium products I have ever used. If you have any more questions read this article...
by Daniel
on 7/12/2012
Great Product
What can I say..... It works great at removing phosphates.
by Dennis
on 5/14/2012
The Best....PERIOD!
There is truely something different about RowaPhos. I've tried them all and always came back to Rowa. It costs more but it is indeed the best for removing phosphates and just as important (for me), silicates. Silicates are partialy responsible for the brown, dust coating on the glass and rocks. This product takes care of that. Good stuff.
by Mike
on 2/21/2012
Rowa Phos
Works great. Used it in a Phos - Ban Reactor. A little goes a long way. Add gradually if you don't want a large immediate drop. Lasts a long time and has not leached phosphates back into the water.
by daryl
on 1/25/2012
Performs as advertised
Set it up in a reactor and down went the PH readings. Sometimes difficult to find a product that lives up to its claims!
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