Reef Octopus BH 100 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer

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Item #: PS-OCT-HOB-100
Our Price: $146.99
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Reef Octopus BH 100 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer.


Great Value and quality construction.
Designed to be hassle free with simple installation.
Recommended for aquaria up to a 75 gallons.

HB-100 Specifications:
- Low Profile body
- Air Silencer
- Solid Construction
- Pump (included): Aquatrance 1000 Pinwheel

Approx. Dimmensions:
- 17" High
- 8" Long
- 3.75" Wide


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(based on 13 reviews)

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by David
on 7/3/2012
Great Protein Skimmer
Reef Octopus doesn't cut any corners making this skimmer. It performs amazing on my 37 gallon saltwater tank. HOWEVER... Aquacave is very deceiving as the picture shown is NOT the same exact skimmer you will get, the BH-100 I got has a much larger pump, it is very big and bulky and looks nothing like the one shown, it takes up alot of space in my tank, Aquacave dropped the ball on this because their info about this product is misinforming. If I had known how big the pump was, I would have bought a protein skimmer with an EXTERNAL pump. Other than that, this skimmer does the job. But please do keep in mind, the BH-100 looks much different than the one in the picture.
by Todd
on 2/15/2012
This is the best HOB skimmer you can get for $125
This is the best HOB skimmer you can get for $125. Period. Super easy to setup right out of the box. I set it up, left for work, came back and it was already producing skimmate. Recently switched to a sump setup, and this skimmer will not work in the sump (water is not deep enough). I do not want to risk modding it, so I will be looking to replace it for a sump model later.
by Methos
on 11/18/2011
Pump change effects nano cubes!
Great customer service! Enrico @AquaCave and Jeremy @CoralVue went out of their way to try and see if a conversion kit could be made to use the Resun 225F pump but how the OCT-1000 pump attaches does not allow the Resun 225F to be used in its place. Details There was a pump change from the smaller Resun 225F pump (as pictured above) to a larger OCT-1000 pump. The OCT-1000 pump is 3" wide by 7.5" long. Making it to larger to use in my JBJ 28G Nano Cube Pro LED tank. I hope this helps other Nano reefers before they make their purchase.
by Skidog
on 10/19/2011
This is an incredible HOB skimmer...PERIOD! Very easy to set up and get running. The instructions say give it 2 weeks to break in but mine started pulling skimmate out of my visually clean 90 gallon tank on day one! Now the water "shimmers!" Its easy to adjust, just slide the collection cup down for more skimming and up for less. Runs quiet too! GREAT SKIMMER!
by wesdude
on 9/28/2011

After only 3 weeks in a new setup this skimmer is getting great skim mate although there are still some micro bubbles (still needs some break in time). This is definitely the best skimmer for a smaller system for its price.
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