Reef Octopus BH 2000 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer
  • Reef Octopus BH 2000 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer
  • Reef Octopus BH 2000 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer

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Item #: PS-OCT-BH-2000
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Reef Octopus BH 2000 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer.

The BH2000 is a unique design HOB skimmer in that the pump is mounted external and under the actual skimmer body. By placing the pump outside the skimmer and the aquarium there is no heat exchanged to the water. This design also allows for easy removal of the pump for cleaning and maintenance. This Reef Octopus skimmer is powered by the Hailea OTP 2000 pump and built with high quality acrylic. The Octopus skimmers uses metric plumbing parts. The pump has an improved venturi design and pinwheel impeller.

  • Reef Octopus® BH2000 HOB skimmer with external OTP 2000 pump
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 4″ x 21″
  • Rated up to 200 gallons
  • Powered by 1 OTP 2000 pump at 500 gph
  • Wattage: 21w
  • Air Draw: 420 L/H (15SCFH)
  • High performance venturi air injection system
  • 1 year warranty on skimmer and pump



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by Craig
on 5/14/2012
Worked better than Cone Skimmers I have had
Many complain that the manual is insufficient. Priming the pump seems to be the main issue. I learned a trick. After powering the pump, suck in and out on the air hose. I think it adds more suction pressure so that priming has more power. It should start immediately after that. This thing pulled out thick skimmate out of my 90 g.
by HappyRC
on 4/3/2012
Wow! Pulls tons of stuff that the AquaC Remora could not.
I bought the Reef Octopus BH-2000 (about the same price and it includes a free surface skimmer -- a $30 value that AquaC would have charged you) and after 2 hours, it was pulling junk out of the water into the cup. It makes TONS and TONS of tiny bubbles compared to the AQUAC Remora. Plus, the pump is outside the tank so its not heating up the water and its not taking up space inside the tank and also not ugly. Because its so efficient that the cup fills up every 2-3 days, you'd want a hang-on skimmer instead of an in sump so you can get to the cup in standing position instead of crawling under the tank to get to the cup. The Reef Octopus BH-2000 is definitely 5 stars. Update 4/2/2012: I thought the pump died after 16 months but it just needed a good cleaning.
by Jojo
on 10/6/2011
Lots of skimmates but...
I use this as a hang on the back, it took out a lot of nasty stuff out of the tank, but the return pipe puts a lot of micro and macro bubbles into the tank, the need include a baffling chamber in the future design.
by Reefer
on 8/8/2011

Awesome junk beast machine.
by millionmanus
on 6/30/2011
Best HOB Skimmer I have ever owned
I replaced my AquaC remora with this skimmer. Very pleased with the purchase. It skims out a lot of junk, more than my remora did. It is quieter than the remora as well. Instructions with terrible, but you can figure it out. only thing i don't like, is the skimmer lid sits very well, but some bubbles will still rise in front of it. The the overflow box, keeps the top of the aquarium water very clear. I do have some micro bubbles but i am hoping they will dissipate after a couple of weeks.
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