Reef Octopus NWB 150 Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer
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Item #: PS-OCT-NWB-150
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Reef Octopus NWB 150 Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer.


Popular design that works by a special wheel inside the skimmer pump which chops the air and water into fine micro bubbles.
Special needle wheel produces more micro bubbles which highly increases the skimming ability compared to our competitor’s models.
Simple to use! Plug it in and set the water level using the telescoping riser tube.

Octopus NWB 150 Specifications:

- For In-Sump use only
- Recommended for tanks up to 150 gallons.
- Overall Height: 22 1/8"
- Cup Removal Clearance: approx. 1"
- Reactor Diameter: 6"
- Needle Wheel Pump included (approx. 530 gph)
- Footprint (including pump): 12" x 8.5"


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by GlobalAq
on 9/7/2011
Excellent skimmer
This is a great skimmer & a good seller. Many of our customers now ask for it by name. Were a distributor as well. High quality & one of the best we've had. Very fairly priced also.
by dukeofclams
on 6/20/2011
Good skimmer, great price
This is a great skimmer for the price. I have only had it up for a couple of weeks but there are a few things I have noticed. It is very sensitive to react. I put one on a new system and had it immediately overflowed the skimmer cup and filled the tank with microbubbles because the reaction was well below the bubble plate. I don't know what it reacted to but after 10 days of 4 cups of charcoal in a 65 gal (with sump) system it was running as advertised. I'm already getting nasty brown skimmate and according to the manual its not technically broken in yet. Runs real quiet too.
by JuniorM
on 2/8/2011
Product is outstanding
The product is outstanding. The service was very helpful. I advise to buy this product because of how great it is! It took 4 days for this product to clear the water in my tank.
by Chase
on 9/12/2010
Was good while it lasted
The skimmer was overall amazing. Ive had it for about 8 months now. However, Reef Octopus pumps are garbage. They almost always give out just after the first year. Luckly, mine gave out within the warranty time limit. Sump design is very good, functionality is amazing, just that the pump sucks lol. Other then that, the skimmer works like dream.
by thumper
on 5/26/2010
YES it is the BEST
I have the reef Octopus 150 and it really does a great job of getting rid of ALL the waste. It is so easy to empty and clean that it is something that you will not mind doing as when you empty it you can be assured that the waste is going by by and not recirculating around in the tank for the fish to get sick from. IT IS MONEY WELL SPENT.
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