Reef Octopus SUPER SRO 3000INT In-Sump Protein Skimmer

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Item #: PS-OCT-SRO-3000INT
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Reef Octopus SUPER SRO 3000INT In-Sump Protein Skimmer.


Reef Octopus Super SRO is a new line of our ever popular Reef Octopus protein skimmers. Powered by Bubble Blaster pump!

An integrated bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the skimmer which helps build a dense head of foam.
Ultimate cone shabe body, extra-wide plumbing and necks allow for more air flow and more stable reactor chamber. Wedge pipe output which allows you to adjust the skimmer and have greater control of adjustments compared to using ball valves.


* Item #: SRO-3000INT
* Super Reef Octopus® 8” In Sump Skimmer RO-PS-3000INT
* Footprint: 14.8″ x 10.25″ | Body Diameter: 8″ | Height: 23.75″
* Rated up to 300gal.
* Features the new Bubble Blaster HY3000S
* High quality machine welded cast acrylic constructionHigh performance design
* 3 year warranty on Bubble Blaster pump. 1 year warranty on skimmer. Lifetime warranty on support.


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by Ron
on 6/1/2011
Great bang for your buck
Great skimmer. Im completely satisfied with the purchase - the amount of gunk this thing pulls out is simply amazing. I upgraded from an ASM G3, and this thing pulls out in 3 days what the ASM would pull out in a week. Highly recommended!
by Richard
on 2/3/2011
Best Skimmer I have ever owned!
I purchased the SRO-3000INT for my 140g mixed reef with a sump/refugium with a water volume of 70g. It started to pull skimmate right after install. Now being about 3 weeks since install and break in period it is really starting to pull dark nasty skimmate. It likes to be in a water depth of 6-10" and it is important to keep it there or it will either overflow or not skim very well. I suggest you have an ATO system in place. I am very happy with mine and would suggest this skimmer over any of the others I have had!
by Redbellyman
on 1/17/2011
Very awesome Skimmer!
It is now my second super reef octopus, I already had a 1000 SRO on my smaller reef, so it was a no brainier when I needed a larger skimmer for my FOWLR. Instant on and works! I attached a filter sock via wire tie to exhaust of skimmer to muffle the splash (my sump is a lower water line) It pulls a full cup (a gallon or so) a week. and that's set to low... JUST WOW!
by jlv0lpk
on 1/9/2011
Excellent Product
This skimmer is running on a 150 XH Marineland tank, 40 gallon sump, and Mag 9.5 return pump. I upgraded from an Eshopps PSK 150 (as the acrylic on the collect cup started to get hairline cracks in it). The Reef Octopus is a much better quality skimmer, than the Eshopps. While it is more money, the SRO was definitely worth it. This skimmer is very heavy, quality acrylic and very solid. The SRO has been running for about 3 weeks now. It took 5 days for the skimmer to truly break in. I am pulling very good skimmate from it. For the first 3 hours to SRO Skimmer was overflowing, but I was draining into a separate container. Another item to note is, the skimmer produces absolutely "zero" micro bubbles. I will say this skimmer does make some noise, mostly from the air the pump is pulling in. Great product.
on 11/14/2010
WOW.... SRO-3000
WOW this thing rocks.... Stop wasting money on out of date skimmers. There is nothing in the market for the money that even comes close to this awesome skimmer. I have a 180 low bio-load at the moment so this thing is struggling to produce a steady head of foam. However what I do get is some of the nastiest dark stinky nog that I've ever seen. Ive used so many different skimmers on the market from ultra cheap-o (sea-clown) to some of the best (out-dated but top of the line then- Euro-reef). This things tops everything I've ever used. Its easy to set up, easy to use and I really cant complain about anything except.... (but I'm really nit-picking) would be the low level of water it needs to run in (mines in about 6 1/2 inches) and the need for a T mod at the exit to quite the water fall.
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