ReefLux 150W HQI Metal Halide Bulb, Double Ended
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ReefLux is the first true 10000K full spectrum metal halide bulb to be offered to the aquarium market.
Other manufacturers claim to offer a 10000K lamp but that is just a marketing number of their best attempt to offer a full spectrum 10000K lamp.
This is why they have a yellow or orange appearance and need to have some kind of fluorescent actinics to balance it out.
Generally the more yellow or orange a bulb the more PAR the bulb will produce.
ReefLux offers you the highest PAR rating without having to flood your aquarium with high powered fluorescent blue bulbs.


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by JEP
on 10/12/2010
12K is a winner
I use (2) of the ReefLux 150w 12k DE lamps in one of my fixtures. This will be my 3rd change using these same lamps. They've been very reliable, and I like the 12k color. They definitely are noticeably bluer (or less yellow) than the 10ks, and emit a nice white light with just a hint of blue. They do tend to shift more blue with age, more so than other 150w (10k) lamps Ive used. Ive run my present pair of these for 14 months (10 hrs/day), and they are definitely overdue for changing and looking more like 14-15ks. Id say the realistic life of these is 12 months. Ive been very happy with coral and coralline growth under these lamps. Nicely made lamps, and Aquacaves price and service cant be beat.
by Matt
on 12/6/2009
I purchased the 150W DE 10k bulbs. When I first fired them up I thought, I had made a mistake going from the 12k to the 10k (very yellow looking). However, after less than a week the yellow faded and now they are exactly as advertised, white! not yellow, not blue. Definitely, BRIGHTER and less blue than the 12ks I had previously in this same brand. With two geissman pure actinic and two actinic+ (54Watt) it is still very blue, but much more par than you would get with 12 or 14k de bulbs.
by MMurray
on 11/18/2009
great bulbs
purchased this bulb to replace Current 10K that came with my system(2 x 150HQI & 2 actinic 135watt pc) I wanted just a little more blue than the current bulb and a 14k was to blue with the pc actinics. This bulb worked perfectly, nice clean crisp blue color great compliment to the actinic.
by IronChef44
on 9/9/2009
Very Nice 12ks
HQIs have an obvious burn-in time, but these bulbs have shown a great color improvement in under two hours. Although a slight change in kelvin increased the blues from 10k to 12k, the intensity is back in my system. The bulbs are a little more blue than expected (almost that of a 14k). If using a PC supplemented system I would recommend these bulbs, but in my 4x54w T-5ho, 2x150w HQI I would go with the 10k Reeflux.
by Wiz
on 8/29/2008
Great product, very good color and growth! It has a very crisp white-blue color not to yellow like some 10Ks and not WAY to blue like 20Ks. Growth is also great, a nice steady increase, slower than 6,5K and 10K but usually faster than 20K.
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