SKIMZ SK 181 Kone E-Series In-Sump Protein Skimmer
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SKIMZ SK181 Kone E-Series In-Sump Protein Skimmer


Skimz E-Series SK181 Protein Skimmer features the highly efficient Skimz ES2000 needlewheel pump, suitable for aquariums up to 1,200 litres (320 gal.). With the combination of the conical body and bubble plate, it is the most effective skimmer in its class by significantly reducing turbulence, bubble bursting and surface agitation.
The SK181 protein skimmer draws an air intake of 540 litres per hour. Low power consumption and superior performance makes the SK181 an excellent choice for reefers looking for a value-for-money, attractive yet powerful protein skimmer.

No feed pump required. Skimz Sk181 draws water directly from sump.

Technical Data:

* Skimmer pump: 1 Skimz ES2000 needlewheel - MADE IN ITALY
* Power consumption: 12W
* Air intake: 540 l/h


* L 210mm (8.4") x W 210mm (8.4") x H 535mm (21.4")
* Cone base diameter (mm): 180 (7.2")
* For Aquariums: 200 - 1,200 litres (53-320 gal.)


Designed for in-sump use


This product is warranted against defective material and workmanship of the body for 2 years and 1 year warranty on the pump.


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by Paul
on 5/2/2012
Skimz SK181 - Excellent Skimmer
I have had this running for 2 weeks now on a 90 gallon with 40 breeder. It was packaged really well and shipped very quick. When i plugged it in I was a little worried because the pump seemed kind of loud. After two days, I opened up the pump, took out the impeller and put it back and plugged her back up. After this it was dead silent. Not sure what I did, but I can literally not hear it run at all now. It was a little finicky for about 3 days while breaking in, but by about day 5 it really started pulling out some nasty nasty. I am 100% satisfied with this skimmer. Just make sure you give it a week to fully get going and if it sounds loud, open up the pump and reseat the impeller. Thanks Skimz and aquacave!
by binford4000
on 9/23/2011
Very well constructed
Very well constructed,easy to assemble and to adjust. Great little skimmer for the buck. pulled average skim for about a week for the pump to break in then it really pulled skim out.
by saltnic
on 6/26/2011
Skimz 181 kone
Well package and well built works great pulling gunk in the first hour,right out of the box. Does not pull as much compared to my EuroReef RC 180 but will do well for a 100 gallons. Easy to assemble and very quite not as loud as EuroReef skimmer. Saltnic
by Jim
on 5/11/2011
Skimz it does...
Got this skimmer a month ago to replace my aging G2 skimmer. Wow, what a difference.. my old skimmer takes a week to fill a cup full of brown gunk and my new skimmer does it in 3-4 days.. It also did not take that long to break in (one week)...
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