Salifert Flat Worm Exit
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Salifert Flat Worm Exit.

Salifert Flatworm Exit is a safe solution to get rid of flatworms in your tank. It is perfectly harmless for the reef inhabitants, both fish and invertebrates, but definitely deadly for the flatworms.
Flatworm body juice can be toxic for the reef when present in high concentration.
Flatworm eXit treats up to 300 gallons.


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by iaq
on 10/9/2011
State ban
Some states have banned this product to protect water ways. It definitely works and I haven't had any fws for a long time, but I'm buying some to have on hand just in case when I need it I wont be able to get it.
by adadwa
on 12/20/2010
Salifert Flatworm Exit
Product worked very well. Siphoned out as many worms as possible. Left a couple on the glass as an indicator. They were dead within 20 minutes or so. Did about a 40% water change and lots of carbon. Have not seen any more worms. Be sure to follow the directions closely.
by Jeff
on 10/17/2010
Extremely effective
This product works extremely well and very fast. Suggest you have plenty of water on hand to change and a good way to filter out the dead flatworms. Fiberfloss worked well for me. I did lose a couple of fish but, I don't think I got the worms out fast enough. Use plenty of circulation after they die. Corals were not affected at all,in fact they loved the circulation.
by Mauuusss
on 4/4/2010
this product is the best
this product works exc, i recommended 100%
by marct
on 7/29/2008
Careful using it...but it works
Trick to using this product is to ensure you siphon as much flatworms out as possible and ensuring that you do a water change by about 25%. The corals seem to not extend their polyps and excrete slime due to the toxins of the flatworms but after two or three days the polyps extend and things are better.
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