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Salifert Magnesium Aquarium Test Kit.

Magnesium is present in NSW in a fairly high concentration (1300 - 1400 mg/L). Magnesium is an essential part of chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis.
Without photosynthesis plants, including algae and the corals, which we usually have in our aquariums, would not be able to live.

Magnesium has another important function since in fact makes maintaining the correct combination of calcium concentration and alkalinity or carbonate hardness possible.
Maintaining a correct magnesium concentration is therefore very important and is indirectly responsible for fast coral and calcareous algae growth by virtue of making the maintenance of correct calcium and alkalinity figures possible.

Magnesium is depleted by algae and is also depleted by the use of excessive kalkwasser and by going far beyond natural calcium and alkalinity and pH values.
The Salifert magnesium test is very straightforward and does not suffer from calcium and strontium interferences when within certain bounds.
It measures in sufficient accurate steps of 30 mg/L with a sharp color change.

The kit can perform approx. 50 measurements.


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by 2manyhobbies
on 12/20/2011
Best Product out There
A great product and a great price.
by Tommy
on 8/5/2010
Good product
This is a good test kit - not too complicated and fairly straight forward. It seems to provide an accurate assessment of Magnesium. Having enough Mg in the tank helps cut down on unwanted algae. The price of this kit from Aqua Cave is about $8 less than at my local fish store. A good buy.
by RLockhart
on 3/18/2010

Very accurate and easy to see color change takes about 1 minute.
by moray
on 3/7/2010
Great test kit. It is very easy and straight forward to use. The color change is also not hard to see (which is sometimes a challenge for me).
by Ben
on 9/26/2009
This is the easiest magnesium test Ive tried and has a very sharp endpoint. I am very pleased with it.
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