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SeaChem Reef Plus ™ is a full spectrum reef supplement containing trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids demonstrated to have a positive impact on the growth of corals and other desirable reef creatures.
Reef Plus™ is formulated to provide nutrients available from natural tropical reef waters. Contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, thiamine, inositol, choline, iodide, and other essential constituents at pH 8.3. Reef Plus™ is nitrate/phosphate free. It may be used as a food supplement. It complements Reef Complete™ and Reef Calcium™. It is a concentrated product:
each 500 mL treats 8,000 L (2,000 gallons).


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by JohnV8r
on 6/13/2012
I'm a Believer
Tried Reef Trace and Reef Plus to deal with color wash out. In one month, the color in my montiporas is back to being as vibrant as they ever were, if not more vibrant. My branching cyphastrea color is about 80% back in the first month. I am seeing an incredible amount of growth. Two of my acroporas have about 4-5 mm of new encrusted base growth and about 2 mm of vertical growth. That’s more growth in one month than they have ever had before. Two pieces of a broken branch of a Bali Green Slimer that were just wedged into a piece of live rock have grown an encrusted base that is about two times the diameter of the vertical stalks. My main frag doesn’t have that wide of a base. I’ve got chalices that suddenly are growing faster than ever before, including a Tyree Blue Chalice that has grown 3/8” of plate out into the water column in the last month. I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say Reef Trace and Reef Plus have comprised the missing X factor that I was looking for.
by bavass
on 3/22/2011
Really doing a great job at bringing the color back to my corals!
by Fishstick
on 7/17/2010
I like this best.
Ive tried other brands but I like this the best. The corals seem to respond to it and grow better and color up great!
by Milkman
on 11/24/2009
Replaces a long list of additives
Great product. Has many of the trace elements, amino acids, vitamin C, etc that you would buy a number of different supplements to replace.
by Builderguy
on 7/21/2009
Been great for my tank
Ive tried a lot of additives and supplements and have come back to the Seachem Reef Plus/Reef Trace tank has looked the best and thrived the most with these products.
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